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SNESAll Game Guide
The strangest thing is that even despite the weak combat element, I found myself playing the game because everything else felt "right." After some time, however, the game's flaws became too significant to overlook. Combat is a pretty important part of a space shooter! For the next release, the developers need to improve the space combat, ship scaling, enemy AI, plus throw in a battery to keep track of scores, rankings, and medals earned by your pilot. WarpSpeed certainly has a lot going for it, but in the end, the drawbacks keep the game from being anything more than an average playing experience.
SNESMega Fun
Ach, kommt mir doch nicht damit! Warpspeed hat nichts, aber auch gar nichts, das einen länger als eine Stunde (wenn überhaupt) vor den Bildschirm bannt. Wer ein zweites Wing Commander erwartet, wird ziemlich entäuscht werden. Warpspeed bietet weder die Abwechslung noch die vorbildliche Präsentation oder die Hintergrundstory des großen Vorbilds. Schmalspuraction ist angesagt: Nächsten Quadranten ansteuern, zwei oder drei Gegner abballern, und weiter geht's... DAS Spiel hätte man auch auf dem Atari VCS 2600 noch hinkriegen können, Grafik und Sound einmal ausgenommen. Die Grafik ist sogar noch recht annehmbar, den Sound könnt Ihr gelinde gesagt vergessen. Alles in allem eine weitere Pleite aus dem Hause Accolade.
Is WarpSpeed worth picking up? Most people will be put off by the repetitive gameplay and less than stellar music and sound. After the first few minutes of playing I wasn’t too thrilled with it either, but after about fifteen to twenty minutes the game started to grow on me. If you were into space combat sims on the PC during their glory days of the 1990s, or if you’re looking to try obscure Genesis games, you might find some fun with this one despite the game’s issues. Had Accolade put more time and effort into the game they could have pulled off something special here. As it turns out, WarpSpeed is a below average title that most people will probably avoid.