Warsong Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Japanese Title
US Title
Buying troops
Conversation with NPCs
Battle screen
Enemy's unit
Zoomed out
Archer vs mermen
Casting a spell
A great battle
Taking on a general
Szenario description
Characters often talk during battles (Japanese version)
Starting menu (Japanese version)
Your main character (Japanese version)
Map overview (Japanese version)
Title screen ("Langrisser", Japanese version)
Enemy turn (Japanese version)
Your main character's turn (Japanese version)
Battle sequence (Japanese version)
Attacking the fortress (Japanese version)
Shooting from a bridge (Japanese version)
Tiberion's pride
Kill lizards with fire!
Second mission
Fight in a forest
The heroes have great powers.
Attack the shaman
My allies are stupid, the civilians are bad soldiers, and go right into enemy's position.
Enemy chieftain
Single commander vs my soldiers
Killing score
Full size map
Third mission in village
Fourth mission - blobs
My commander in defence

TurboGrafx CD version

Hey, love the bikini!
An ancient castle...
Title screen
Choosing your generals
Character information
Lots of conversation during battle
Let's rock!
Battle on a bridge
Battle inside a castle. The priest is very powerful
Battle in the river!
Just simple soldiers, sacrificing themselves for the leaders' ambition...
That was a deadly battle... only one soldier stands in either unit!
Enemies are attacking the castle!
This enemy general is riding a dragon and is very hard to kill
Battle in a ruined room
Casting an area attack spell
Game Over...