Watch_Dogs (PS4 Exclusive Edition)

Watch_Dogs (PS4 Exclusive Edition) Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen.
Main menu.
Main title.
Questioning one of the bad guys.
Hacking the camera so it cannot recognize you.
Sneaking past the cops.
Found the getaway car, not just need to shake off the police.
Skill wheel offers a lot of different things to upgrade.
Noticing the crime in progress.
Buying bigger guns at the weapons store.
In pursuit.
You can select a stealth approach or go in guns blazing.
City map.
Smartphone menu.
Taking a job as a driver to take out this guy out into the safe zone, so don't let the police spot you.
A view from the White Owl motel, your first HQ.
Driving towards your next destination marked on the map.
High jump.
Meeting Clara, also known as Badboy.
Nice view of the city.
Remembering missions show events from your past and how you ended up where you are now.
Driving a bike at high speed.
Hack CtOS towers to unlock areas of interest on the map and to be able to use your smartphone for hacking in the area.
Target in sight... mustn't kill the gang leader, just need to give him a good beating to make him scared.
Pursued by the police.
Use the environment to perform an enemy takedown against pursuing vehicles.
Landed in jail on purpose, now it's time to find the convict of interest and escape.
Use the focus mode to slow down the time and more easily hack something that will aid you in your escape.
Following the suspect and then try to stop him before he actually commits a crime.
Buying an energy drink at the news stand.
Raising the blocker to take down the pursuing vehicle.
Riding a train.
Hacking the gas pipe beneath the road to take down the enemy vehicle.
They're onto us, it's time to run.
Firing at the snipers on the roof.
Got to find a way to cross that bridge and reach the island.
Using the sniper rifle.
Driving on the highway, but a bit on the wrong side of the road.
Playing a poker.
Okay, now that we're on the island, it's time to power up the bunker.
Testing the newly acquired explosive, the sticky bomb.
Lucky for her, you're not who she thinks you are.
Slave trafficking.
Take-down will use different cinematic based on the weapon you are currently holding.
Helping Bedbug sneak past the patrols.
In pursuit of a firetruck.
Mini-game to shake off getting drunk.
Use slow motion mode to rotate the camera during the high jump.
Aside from cars you can also drive boats.
Taking out the sniper scouting the area from the helicopter.