Wayne's World Screenshots

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Game Boy version

The title screen has that weird video feedback effect from the film
The first enemy you see is a flying cymbal
Bouncing on the drums allows you to jump higher
Large drops can hurt you
The T pick ups extend your time limit
The E Pick ups replenish your health
Walking drums move quite fast
You only have a limited amount of time with the powered up gun so make it count
This door signifies the end of the level
Cutscenes appear between levels
You are now in control of Wayne
Wayne's Stratocaster from the film
It will be mine. Oh Yes it Will Be Mine
The guitars are bouncy just like the drums were
The first boss is a stack of floating records
A little bit of in game advertising
A groin shot hurts a lot
You cant go this way
Jump the barrels just like Mario used to
Wayne fights a roadie
The gasworks is on fire
Wayne's girlfriend to be
The bonus level where you collect donuts and extra lives
Don't be fooled by the cat it is lethal
This pops up mid level
The TV screens attack you at the studio
Platform jumping with the lights off is very hard to do
Finding the light switch help but the lights only stay on for a short time
Game over Man

Genesis version

Title Screen
Intro sequence, Wayne and Garth are ready for the show.
Death sequence
Leave Wayne standing for a while and he'll entertain you.
Garth is grabbed by the purple hand at the end of each level.
Inside the music store
Fighting a tuba
Watch out for falling guitars
The first boss
Flying attack on the tea pot
That was close!
Large attacking waves with a power-up
Caught in a whirlwind
Use the cubes of sugar to reach higher areas.
There are enemies hiding in the furnace.
Second boss
Anyone up for some pool?
Watch out for the darts flying across the screen.

NES version

Title screen.
Wayne and Garth narrate between some stages.
Garth encounters a few poorly designed enemies in the music store, such as drums or hi-hats.
Wayne goes against a barricade of vinyl records.
Collecting Donuts in Stan's Donut Shop adds to your stamina bar.
Wayne and Garth meet in the studio.
Wayne fights a thug on a platform.
Stacy come to see Wayne outside of Gasworks.
After meeting Stacy, Wayne comments on the gun rack he was given.
The Gasworks billboard
Wayne is stopped by a security guard.
Garth takes care of a midget in the apartment.
A boss fight
The amazing ending, not!
Wayne has been defeated.
Game Over

SNES version

Title screen
The awesome background story...NOT!
In game
Unleashing sonic power
Watch out...the heart will kill you