Weakest Link Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The game starts with a video sequence in which the camera zooms around the studio while a mock show is in progress. Then the presenter sets the tone for the show and we're off
The game's main menu
In this game the player does not enter their name. They pick a player from this list. Each player says a bit about themselves. Lucinda is 39 and runs a catering business in Kensington (London UK).
After choosing the difficulty setting there's a pause while the game loads and the presenter returns to explain that everyone must work as a team to get money then they must betray each other to win
This is Lucinda, the person selected at screen 3.
The game begins with the person who is first alphabetically, in this case that's Barry
As in the game, at the end of the round each player votes for the weakest link. The AI players cast their votes like this, the human player has a different button for each remaining player
When the voting is finished the presenter asks one of the AI players why they voted as they did. followed by sarcastic remarks to the loser. As the loser exits a video sequence shows their response
Maeve the barmaid from Truro. She cannot vote for me, it's my game!
Voted out of the game by the AI contestants! Now if ever there was motivation to hack a game - this is it.

Windows version

The game starts with an animated introduction featuring Anne Robinson. This is from a demo version that only plays on 640x480x16 resolution
The game's main menu

Demo version
The player must select an identity to play as from those available. In this demo release that means just those on the top row
There are three levels of difficulty in the game

Demo version
Another animated section precedes the actual game, this is part way through. In the next section Anne Robinson explains how the game works
Demo version. After playing one round the game is over. It then lists its main features which include allowing up to seven players, 100000 questions, and Anne Robinson