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Back of Box :
    WELCOME TO THE FUTURE is the most breathtaking alternate reality adventure ever. You are pm a vast quest to discover ancient symbols and artifacts that are the keys to the future. Explore surrealistic mountainscapes, go deep underground, fly over temples, climb through caves, increase your power and unlock unseen treasures from the past. This first person full screen experience utilizes 24 bit color and 16 bit stereo surround sound for the most amazing graphics and audio incorporated into a CDROM adventure. WTTF combines reality bending ultra high resolution rendered 3D, mind expanding music, and fantastic art in this completely original experience. You will travel far and long to reach the incredible voyage, so let the sights and sounds of this world overcome your senses... The past becomes the future and the future will take you away.

    Contributed by Pat Cdr (1258) on Oct 01, 2004.