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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Extras offer some info about the characters.
Concept art bonus material.
Rubi doesn't have a problem with heights.
Character introduction.
That's for not inviting me to a party!
Drink booze to restore stamina... I know, but it works, and she doesn't even get drunk.
Aside from cutting down the badguys, she uses her sword as a universal key.
For close combat, sword is more effective than the firearms.
Sliding down the ladder and taking out two badguys in a slow-mo.
Whenever you're not touching the ground and are shooting at the enemy, the game will enter slow-motion for easier targeting.
Little showdown in chinatown.
Sliding and taking out anyone in the eyesight.
Jumping off the pole.
Destroy the mechanism to lock the gate and prevent infinite number of enemies from coming.
In-between missions it's old-style TV time.
Rubi vision will mark you the objects you can hang on to or otherwise interact with.
Even Rubi can't outrun the car.
Certain cutscenes will use quick-turn events which will result in your death if you fail to react.
Painting the walls of otherwise boring looking hallways.
Slam dunk!
There goes the player's monitor.
It's bullet time, and they are on the receiving end.
Couple of well placed bullets in the tank and cars will blow up too.
Loading screen will vary from mission to mission.
Terror on the highway.
Quick-time events for jumping on top of speeding vehicles.
Chasing the sports car on the right.
Upgrade your weapons and skills with points you collected.
The real game starts 1 year after at Rubi's residence... a plane scrapyard.

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Flying cars are always awesome.
Rubi feels no remorse - ever...
Is it me or is it hot in here?
Upgrading Rubi's weapons.
Rubi is near death - luckily there's alcohol
Shooting up a bar.
That's the only time you'll find more than 50% of all apes in a level so close together.
Ragemode looks crazy.
Near the end of the game Rubi gets so enraged, that she's in ragemode the whole level.
Rubi preparing for the final battle.
Rule #123: Before each action-sequence strike a cool hero-pose.
Home, sweet home.
Like shooting fish in a barrel...
Exploding barrels - no game would be complete without them.
That vampire-girl is a pain in the butt.
Rubi crashed a party.
That can't be good for the back...
Next up: an arena-fight.
The sword isn't just for opening doors - you can also kill people with.
The guy on the right ate a kitten.
A trailer for a horror-movie.
Wallrunning through rage-mode.
Jumping around, causing explosions - what more does a man need?
Sliding around, killing people.
Finishing a guy with a finishing move - hence the name...
This rage-mode-stage is out in the open.
Rubi is dead - killed by a boss.
BOOM goes the plane. Completely unrealistic but hey, who cares?
While falling down to earth Rubi has to fight enemies.
A parachute in sight but many dangerous plane-parts in-between.
Sliding around, shootin' targets.
Sliding down a ladder backwards looks awesome.
A shot without the special filter.
Who let Donkey Kong out of his cache?
A big fat guy with a big ass gun that will leave a big pile of blood.
Others need keys - Rubi uses her sword to open doors.
Stationary guns - you just have to love them.
Neither Chuck Norris nor Rubi care if it burns.