Whale's Voyage Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Designed by Neo
Title screen
More credits
Intro screen
Whale starting
Whale underway
Game start
Create characters
Buy wares
Beamed down to the surface
Running around

DOS version

Title Screen
CD-ROM version title screen
Character Creation Screen
Main Game Screen
Equip Ship
Choose A Destination
Take Crew Planetside
Character creation involves selecting a father and a mother for your hero
This is what I look like? Damn, I knew I should have gone easy on that delicious bone marrow
Your heroes have educational backgrounds
One of the many shops on the planet Castra
That's the generic phrase you'll read every time you bump into someone
A quest on Castra involves helping this guy. Dialogue options are somewhat dry
Combat screen. You clumsily select "target" and "attack" commands from two different menus - and there is no mouse support
Once you get a bit of money you'll be able to travel to other planets. Each has its own description
Sky Boulevard is a fancy planet, but the people there aren't very friendly
Each planet has two basic visual designs: outdoor and indoor. This is a typical indoor location of Sky Boulevard
Trading plays an important role in the game
Arborea is a rural planet. This looks deceptively open, but actually it's once again a maze, just like all the other planets
Everyone carry guns in this game. Even inhabitants of this seemingly peaceful planet
A typical Arborea house. Very, very small
In space you'll often be ambushed. This is a turn-based space combat interface
Lapis is a colorful planet
Indoor location on Lapis
Examining an item up close
Game Over screen