What Happened Last Night? Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

An early choice
The plot thickens!
An early game ending!
Measuring the PC's statistics across three metrics.

Browser version

Defining the character
Die early, die often.
On to the next portion of the game!
Like the rest, it tracks player statistics in-game.
The plot thickens!
A non-losing ending!

iPad version

Loading screen (landscape)
Starting the game. The stats are always visible in landscape.
OK, now we are ready to play. (landscape)
I made a wrong decision. Game over. Play again? (landscape)
Loading screen (portrait)
OK, now we are ready to play. Stats are not always visible in portrait.
Huh! Must have been a wild night! (portrait)
Uh, oh! (portrait)
Showing the stats (portrait)
I made a wrong decision. Game over. Play again? (portrait)

iPhone version

Splash screen
The perfect end to a perfect night!
Okay, this is changing direction rapidly...
From bad to worse
A computer game would never be solved with such a commonsense approach!
On to the next chapter of the story, where our hero gets some darned idea of what was going on.
Putting the pieces together
Going home, finding oneself observed and trying to sneak out.
In-game stats calculation
The plot thickens!
Well, that ended poorly.
A better ending!
An end-of-game summary.