A very basic translation of the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune, where you guess letters until you can guess the phrase. This CGA version has three old-school rounds of Wheel of Fortune (where the puzzles are simply "Phrase", "Title", "Person", etc.) and then a bonus round. You can compete against 2 computer players or up to three people can play against each other.

Contributed by ReviewGames.Com (338) on Jul 21, 2000.

This is probably the first Wheel of Fortune computer game based on the successful television game show.

Up to 3 players can compete against each other or against computer characters. Just like in the TV show, there are 3 Rounds ending in a timed Bonus Round. Randomly generated puzzles are persons, places, things or phrases. Spin the wheel and pick a letter. If that letter is in the puzzle, you can win the amount assigned by your wheel spin. Your winnings accumulate through the three rounds and into the Bonus Round. Win the big bucks to make it to the Champs board.

Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Apr 07, 2002.