Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The opening sequence
Welcome to Acme Detective Agency
Starting a new game
Welcome to Japan
Search for clues
You're on the right track!
Where to next?
Yeah! I got my java now!
Outside the lab.
The hall of fame.
A tough looking Acme agent.
Down in the basement of the Acme building.
Another Acme agent.
Signing in for a case.
You mean this job could be dangerous?
In ancient Japan.
The tower of Pisa before it started leaning...
Got you!
Carmen's file.
A worm rancher?
A snake! I hate snakes!
The suspect tries to take me out with a catapult!
A V. I. L. E. Henchman!
Entering suspect info.

Apple II version

Title screen.
Somewhere in San Francisco...
Welcome to the Acme Detective Agency - Time Crimes Division.
Down in the record room.
Detective roster.
Signing up in the ACME Detective agency.
Top floor.
The infernal coffee machine in the lounge.
Sign in for duty.
1990 is the present time? That was over 20 years ago! :-)
A clue.
Fill in info about the suspect.
A V.I.L.E. henchmen - and he has a gun!
It's a snake! I hate snakes!
Caught a suspect.
Another clue.
I'm in the wrong location.
Game options.

Commodore 64 version

Somewhere in San Francisco...
Starting Position. Click on the button to proceed
Please select floor
Hello, Dianne
Name Entry
Hello, Ms. Brassey
Warp Sequence Activated!
Japan, 1800
Which place and time period do you want to go today?
A V.I.L.E. Henchman!
China, 1918
"Aar, matey, keep your hands off'n me or I'll cut you with my knife"
Capture Robot Activated!
Holland, 1560
Too old to be a henchwoman, isn't she?
Holland, 1910
Be careful, you're getting too close
The capture robot homing in on the suspect
Here, we see the capture robot vaporizing the suspect
When you solve a case, you'll often get slapped by questions like these

DOS version

title screen - MCGA/VGA
the opening - MCGA/VGA
setting up a new game - MCGA/VGA
searching in Holland - MCGA/VGA
continue on to Russia - MCGA/VGA
title screen - EGA
the elevator at the office - EGA
beginning a new case - EGA
choose an action in China - EGA
searching in Holland - EGA
title screen - CGA
the opening - CGA
late for an assignment - CGA
leaving San Francisco - CGA
arriving in Peru - CGA
Inside the lab...
You can never get that dumb coffee machine in the lounge to work...
A fellow Acme agent.
France in the olden days...
Hey buddy, are you Indiana Jones?
Ancient China.
Checking out the files on the viles.
Another one of Carmen's crooks.
England in the days of yore...
...But now back to the future!
Elevator - In the lobby.
Elevator - In the basement.
Acme Detective Roster.
Hall of Fame - reserved for detectives who catch Carmen - right now it is empty!
Getting a new case. NOTE: This game doesn't suffer from the Y2K bug. :-)
Found an object!
V. I. L. E. Henchman!
This object belonged to an Incan ruler...
A V. I. L. E. henchman... And he's got a gun!
Inputting suspect info.
The suspect tries to rub me out with a catapult!
Caught a suspect!

Genesis version

In the office building
Some coffee?
In a lab
Becoming a detective
Starting the investigation
India and Gandhi
Warrant data
Russia in 19th century
USA in the early 20th century
Spain ruled by Moslems
Mexico, conquered by Spain
Just when I attempted to learn more about the history of India...
China conquered by Mongols (Yuan dynasty)

Macintosh version

Title screen. (Black and White)
Somewhere in San Fransisco... (Black and White)
Elevator. (Black and White)
Inside the elevator. (Black and White)
Wrong floor. (Black and White)
Coffee machine. (Black and White)
Signing up. (Black and White)
Acme Agent. (Black and White)
Japan. (Black and White)
Entering suspect information. (Black and White)
A snake! I hate snakes! (Black and White)
Caught a crook! (Black and White)
Title screen. (Color)
Somewhere in San Francisco... (Color)
Outside elevator. (Color)
Elevator at lobby level. (Color)
The coffee machine in the lounge can give you trouble! (Color)
Wrong floor. (Color)
Signing up. (Color)
Acme Agent. (Color)
Choose where to go. (Color)
France. (Color)
A V. I. L. E. henchman! (Color)
Gathering clues. (Color)
Capture robot activated! (Color)
Entering suspect info. (Color)
Catapult. (Color)
Caught one of Carmen's crooks! (Color)

NES version

Title Screen
The elevator in the Acme Detective Agency... head to Personnel on the 2nd floor to begin your game
You could also stop by the lab and watch this...
Some rare object has been stolen right out of space and time!
We begin our investigation in Spain...
... and then head to Spain in a different era...
... followed by a trip to Spain
Signs of V.I.L.E. thugs always means you're on the right track
Use the clues to determine when and where to travel next
Gather information on whom you're chasing...
They always run...
A Capture Robot looking for the right person in the right place and time will always succeed.
And of course you have access to dossiers of all your favorite crooks
Please enter your name

SNES version

Title screen
Somewhere in San Francisco...
Call the elevator
In the lounge, get a cup of Joe.
Doing some lab work
Personnel is where you go to start the game.
Signing in
Ready to jump to your starting time
Starting time
Talk to a witness, an informant, or use the scanner.
Enter known evidence, read dossiers, change the game's language or review the case's briefing.
As soon as you have evidence, enter it.
A list of dossiers
Travel to a new time
You caught the suspect! Good Job!