Who Shot Johnny Rock? Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Your new client doesn't even notice when a thug crashes through the window to take you out
If you get plugged, it's off the hospital
If you accidentally shoot a bystander, you have to attend their funeral
If you get shot but don't have money for the hospital, you're left for dead
Your mission briefing/telegram
Cutscene-- your secretary advises you not to come back to the office
City map
If you idle too long on the city map, this guy shows up to take you out
Entering the casino, a bunch of gangsters want you dead, just like every other locale
Outside the casino
Inside the casino, before the shootout
After you arrive, anyone who values their life vacates and you have to deal with a bunch more thugs
Interrogate Lockjaw Lil after the shootout
Shootout in the pool hall
On approach to the warehouse stage

SEGA CD version

The Damsel in Distress
Each time you get shot, you lose money to these guys, who enjoy a laugh at your literal expense.
She's too cool to even notice a pesky thing like a gunfight.
Typical blurry hallway where shadows and video compression make goons hard to spot.
The local pool hall is always a good place to look for a mob boss.
Here is my invitation.
The casino offers a chance to win some money, if you remember your lucky number.