Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The game starts with Celador, the creators of the TV program, and Hot House Creations logos. Then, after a short animation it gets to the title screen
The game's menu

Windows version

Main menu (German edition)
The first question... (German edition)
... is this your final answer? Yep. And this is CORRECT! (German edition)
I got 4000 DM - still a long way to the top (German edition)
I need to ask the crowd on this one... they know better.
Highscore list (no, I ain't stupid, I just needed a screenshot =)
Logo (Finnish version)
Main menu (Finnish version)
Game settings (Finnish version)
How many players? (Finnish version)
Enter name (Finnish version)
First question (Finnish version)
Ask the Audience (Finnish version)