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Back Cover:
    Untangle a twisted tale of intergalactic terror and treachery!

    Malignant monsters have suddenly incaded Earth and seized control of Government City's orbiting power plant. The Minister of Power, Dr. Bester, has disappeared, along with the other scientists stations ed the plant. Unless the plant is recaptured quickly, it will explode and destroy the entire planet.

    A feverish race to regain control of the power plant!

    An earlier stirke force has failed to return. Now time is running out. There's one last hope: You.

    You are Eizel Cloud, ace intergalactic investigator, and Wibarm is your most versatile weapon--and amazing mechanism you can transform into a gigantic armored robot, land cruiser, or star jet. To achieve your goal, you must master its three-phase form, complex dual-level weapon system, and psycho-link amplification.

    Battle hordes of monstrous mutants!

    Your desperate mission will take you through city after city... and finally far into space. Along the way, you'll need to collect vital tools, keys, and supplies as you solve crucial puzzles. In addition, intercepted messages from the previous expedition can alert you to dangers and give you valuable hints.

    You'll need every advantage you can get. Because at each step of the way, you'll face the most loathsome monsters the galaxy has ever seen!

    Look out! There's one behind you right now!

    • No on-disk copy protection.
    • Blazing arcade action plus intricate role-playing challenges.
    • Auto-mapping and 360-degree scrolling.
    • 32 maze-filled buildings.
    • More than 30 gruesome monsters.
    • 10 different weapons.

    Contributed by Jim Leonard (36) on Apr 24, 1999.