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80 (Dec 06, 2012)
„Puddle“ ist für Fans von Geschicklichkeitsspielen der ideale Zeitvertreib. Konzentration und eine ruhige Hand sind erforderlich, um am Ende erfolgreich zu sein. Die unterschiedlichen Fähigkeiten der Flüssigkeiten tragen ihren Teil dazu bei, auch wenn man sich zwischen allen Flüssigkeiten auch unterschiedliche Fließeigenschaften gewünscht hätte. So hat man das Grundprinzip schnell verinnerlicht, wodurch die Abwechslung etwas verloren geht. Grafik und Sound sind wirklich sehr gelungen, dank unterschiedlicher Steuerungsalternativen beschränkt sich der Frust durch unkontrolliertes Neigen auf ein Minimum. Zwar erreicht „Puddle“ nicht den Kultfaktor eines „Super Monkey Ball“, bis zu dessen Ankündigung ist es für 7,99 Euro trotzdem einen Blick wert.
Cubed3 (Dec 19, 2012)
Puddle lacks a tiny bit of personality and features some initially annoying gameplay limitations but manages to hold its own in the long run, past the initial learning period. The first few game worlds and fluids that are on offer aren't exactly very amusing or appealing, however, sticking with it and giving it a chance will reveal how it really shines once the more interesting stuff starts appearing, like fluids with more interesting effects, or even the absence of gravity. This shows how initial impressions can be deceiving. Neko Entertainment, perhaps better known so far for its numerous licensed games as well as its "Cocoto" line inspired by bigger guns, came up with what's perhaps its most original creation so far, and a very fun little game indeed that, despite not being a gameplay revolution, fits nicely in the launch line-up of eShop titles on the Wii U and should catch the interest of fans of the genre.
80 (Dec 04, 2012)
Puddle offre tout ce qu'on aime trouver dans un jeu indépendant : un concept original, un gameplay simple mais riche, une réalisation inspirée et un challenge à la hauteur. Il est toutefois dommage que la difficulté ait été légèrement revue à la baisse dans cette version Wii U, et que la jouabilité gyroscopique proposée par défaut ne soit pas tout à fait au point. Mais on ne va pas bouder notre plaisir !
Puddle looks great on the Wii U - either screen. It does really shine on the television set. I enjoyed the music, and atmosphere of this home console downloadable title. I wish there were more done with the controls. At times the water gets spread really thin.
78 (Dec 07, 2012)
Puddle ist auch auf der Wii U ein spannender und ideenreicher Geschicklichkeitstest mit allerlei zäh voran plätschernden Flüssigkeiten. Die knapp 50 Stationen bringen einen immer wieder zum Staunen. Wo ist man schon als Turbodünger, empfindlicher Flüssigsprengstoff oder Ratten zerfressende Harnsäure unterwegs? Trial & Error stehen hier trotz simpler Handhabung an der Tagesordnung. Manche Abschnitte mag man auf Anhieb meistern, für andere kann man schon über zehn Anläufe benötigen. Nervig ist nach wie vor, dass man viele der Gefahren erst dann erkennt, wenn es schon zu spät ist. Außerdem hätten die Entwickler die Fähigkeiten von Nintendos neuer Konsole besser ausnutzen können, das Prinzip passt schließlich perfekt zum Gamepad. Daher macht das Spiel „nur“ genau so viel Spaß wie auf den übrigen Konsolen.
Digital Chumps (Feb 11, 2013)
Puddle on the Wii U looks and plays great. It's too bad there is no new content here from previously released versions, but it's still a challenging and likeable physics puzzler.
Mag'64 (Dec 23, 2012)
„Puddle“ ist anders – und das ist auch durchaus gut so. Die Ideenvielfalt der Entwickler macht einen immensen Bestandteil des „Puddle“-Faktors aus. Die Quintessenz ist zwar das A-nach-B-Prinzip, dazwischen warten jedoch einige vertrackte Situationen und verrückte Ideen. Zu den Highlights zählt beispielsweise das Befüllen eines Tintenbehälters unter Zeitdruck, wobei zusätzlich dafür zu sorgen ist, dass dem Behälter keine Hindernisse im Weg stehen. Hier zeigt „Puddle“ seine Oldschool-Wurzeln, die den kleinsten Fehler mit einem Neustart bestrafen.
God is a Geek (Dec 11, 2012)
The Wii U version of Puddle does nothing that the Vita release doesn’t, but it’s still an enjoyable if occasionally infuriating puzzle game. The physics are spot on for the most part – despite breaking its own rules by not letting you flip water onto the “ceiling” – and the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. Not one to be taken lightly, Puddle is only worth downloading if you’re looking for a serious challenge.
Nintendo Life (Dec 07, 2012)
Puddle is another strong contender for your digital money in the beginning days of Wii U's eShop. It falters when it comes to explaining all of its elements, occasionally stumbles with difficulty spikes and its motion control scheme is best left ignored, but look past these flaws and you'll find a creative, smart puzzler that flows pretty well while offering a fair amount of variety and replay value.
NintendoWorldReport (Jan 31, 2013)
Puddle’s visual approach is striking and effective. Simple 2D landscapes with well-drawn elements highlight your liquids movement, and the few cinematics littered between levels are of equal quality. You can also view Puddle’s gorgeous 2D visuals on the GamePad, as the entire game is playable there. I was impressed with the sheer amount of variety in the game, but I can’t help but wish it were utilized to a greater extent. Puddle looks and plays great, but the difficulty caused by its physics can hamper the experience.
IGN (Feb 22, 2013)
In the burgeoning sub-genre of physics-based, liquid platformers, Puddle is a game that only hits a little more than it misses. The game has some neat ideas, but it never fully realizes them, only offering a taste of what could have been something more expansive and interesting. If you’re interested in the game and missed it on XBLA, PSN, Vita or PC, then you might be well off picking it up on Wii U. Puddle has its issues, but if you want something to play on Wii U, the system’s online store has what might be the definitive version of the game.
Destructoid (Jan 31, 2013)
Fans of LocoRoco or those hurting for games to play on their Wii U will probably dig it, so long as they have the patience to rev it up a little bit. It's still a neat little puzzler for sure, but it needs a bit more tweaking for me to wholly recommend it. If you've always been on the edge in terms of buying this game, this release should tip you, as it's the definitive version.
Darkstation (Feb 26, 2013)
Puddle goes along with a handful of games that prove the point that to make a good game, you need to have more than an interesting gimmick and know what to DO with that gimmick. This is the part that the developers clearly missed out on. Where Puddle could have worked well as a series of puzzles and physics toys, it instead chooses to present you with platforming-heavy levels and weird rules that take away from the sheer joy of watching liquids interact with objects. The decent core concept winds up being entirely buried under a mountain of frustrating, annoying levels and pointlessly difficult tasks that suck the fun out of the game. It really seems like it would have worked better as a middleware physics engine, because it certainly doesn’t work as a game.
40 (Dec 24, 2012)
It's very easy for me to sit here and write about what a good game is. A good game makes you feel cool, like you just pulled off something difficult or did something with some style. Balancing the difficulty level in a physics-based game must be quite difficult, but anyone who has played competing products such as Hydroventure (aka Fluidity) will know that this genre of game can be a lot of fun, but that needs the developers to consider including fun in the first place, and I don't really think that happened here. Fundamentally the game is too slow and nothing particularly interesting happens during that time. This is about as much fun as an A-Level Physics lesson on the theory of the algebraic concept of fields. Must try harder.