Airport Mania: First Flight Credits


A game byReflexive Entertainment
Developed bySouth Winds Games
ProducerRussell Carroll
DesignerRussell Carroll
Lead ProgrammerJuan Pablo Ferreyra
Lead ArtistGustavo Andrés Calcaño
Additional ProgrammingJulio Gorgé
SoundIon Hardie
MusicIsaac Shepard
VoicesAshlyn Hardie (Age 7), Terri Hardie, Dan Ruskin, Ion Hardie, Michael Mei
Wii Development TeamGameBrains
ProgrammerAlbert Tan Peh Shin
Audio DirectorShazrin Saleh
Special ThanksBrian Fisher, Dan Ruskin, Evangelina Gilardoni, Ion Hardie, James C. Smith, Jennifer Carroll, Santiago Ferreyra, Simon Hallam, Terri Hardie
Other AdministrationEthan Evans, Lars Brubaker, Ernie Ramirez
Beta TestersAaron Johnson, Ian Williams (Alf), allecnarf, Alora Carroll, aperratt, Astoria Carroll, Bruno Acquaviva Pires, Bryce Carroll, Cami Roberts, Chris Apple, Clark Carroll, Claudia Cordner, Debbie Parker, Dublin Carroll, Earl D Taylor, Emma Sanderson, gbaiko, Grumpy1123, Jean Sandberg, Josh Gibb, Karen Sheppard, Katwoman, Kimber A. Smith, Laura Luethe (Louie), Marianne Brown, May2358, Holly Belle (Ms), Pinky, Roma McPherson, Steven Mak, Susan Wooten (kikiky4), Tero Alatalo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65601)