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IGN (Jun 23, 2008)
But all of these oddities added together somehow managed to created a cohesive whole, years ago, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a game that’s just too classic and unique not to recommend. For just five bucks you can invest in a download of the title from Nintendo’s Wii Shop and find out why there are so many fans of the game and the Alex Kidd character still today, almost two decades after he last headlined a new adventure. And if you’d like another perspective on the game before making a Wii Point purchasing decision, jump over to IGN’s Retro Channel for Levi’s own in-depth review of the game. You’ll be a believer before long, and you’ll likely come to agree that Alex Kidd in Miracle World, weird as it is, is the best platformer ever released for the SEGA Master System.
Charme. Dieses Spiel versprüht so unheimlich viel davon, dass es merkwürdig erscheint, warum das Master System dermaßen erfolglos war, obwohl Alex Kidd in Miracle World sogar direkt in die Konsole mit eingebaut war. Die Musik dudelt fröhlich, während der Held an allerlei süßem Getier vorbei springt, Geldbeträge anhäuft, die unsereins neidisch machen, überlegt, welche Blöcke im Weg sind um an Objekte der Begierde zu gelangen – und letztlich wieder einmal über das Fehlen von Lebensenergie flucht. Die Schlagmechanik hilft nicht unbedingt dabei, den ohnehin hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad in Grenzen zu halten und die Janken-Einlagen nehme ich Sega übel. Trotzdem ist Alex Kidd eine gute Alternative zu den bisherigen VC-Jump ’n Runs und lässt endlich Enchanted Castle vergessen.
70 (UK) (Jun 17, 2008)
Miracle World is one of those retro games that requires a certain amount of forgiveness for its rough edges, and being able to put it in the context of its original release is helpful, but there's more than enough amusement here to make it something of a bargain at the lowest tier of the VC price structure.
Nintendo Life (Jun 12, 2008)
Janken issues aside, Miracle World is undoubtedly a classic in the Master System library and is easily one of the best-remembered games for the console. The sequels were disappointingly average; Alex Kidd And The Lost Stars changed the core gameplay completely, Alex Kidd In High Tech World was actually a retooled version of an obscure Japanese anime licence and Alex Kidd In Shinobi World was decent enough, but unsurprisingly played like a toned down version of Shinobi. Sega did the right thing with Alex’s sole Megadrive/Genesis outing, but it didn’t really take the series any further than Miracle World had done. Therefore, Alex’s first appearance is ironically his finest hour. It’s a shame that he’s not as well regarded these days as he possibly should be, but maybe this Virtual Console release will create a few more fans.