The Amazing Brain Train! Credits (Wii)

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The Amazing Brain Train! Credits


NinjaBee DesignJeremy Throckmorton, Mike Nielsen
NinjaBee ProgrammingJoey Kendall, Jared Dinsbach
NinjaBee GraphicsBrent Fox, Shannon Blietz, Taylor Eshelman
NinjaBee Quality AssuranceJason Freston, Tanner Christensen, Michael Cope
NinjaBee Project ManagerBrent Fox
NinjaBee Technical DirectorSteven H. Taylor
NinjaBee Business DevelopmentLane Kiriyama
NinjaBee PRAndrew Hill, Valarie Cope
NinjaBee Office ManagementAndrew Hill, Valarie Cope
DesignRyan Clark, Matt Parry, Oliver Trujillo
ProgrammingOliver Trujillo
GraphicsMatt Parry
Sound and MusicSomaTone Interactive Audio
Quality AssuranceMartin Eijmans, Brent Veitch, Trish Veitch, Andrew Thomas, Bruno Acquaviva Pires, Jesse Chounard, Joe Sousa, Ken Corbett, Matt Worden, Anna Worden, Kara Serenius, Mathew Neenan, Andrew Liu
Special thanks toLaura Cang, Kathryn Clark, Yumiko Hayashi, for all their help and support!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (187304)