AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Credits

Atomic Planet

Managing DirectorDarren Falcus
Operations DirectorJason Falcus
Finance DirectorMark Hargreaves
ProducerPhil Gilbert
ProgrammingNick Cowen, Martin Pegg, Guy Standen, Andrew Porritt
Technical Support AssistanceMartin Fuller, Paul Margrave, Martin Pegg
Art ManagerDavid West
ArtistsJarone Adetimikan, Robert Gray, Andy Hodgetts, Trevor Storey, David West
AnimationAlex O'Dwyer, Chris Rubery
Additional ArtworkMichael Baker, Jef Wall
Concept ArtworkDave Drury
MusicMark Pennock
SFXMark Pennock
DesignMatt Falcus
IT Co‑ordinatorTim Jennings
Third Party Concept ArtJohn A. Gibson
Voiceover ActorsCraig Sechler (Johnny), Duncan Hood (Cody), Jennice Fuentes (Carmen), Jonathan Bryce (Sarge), Mike Rosson (Lenny), Shari Elliker (Roxy), Susan Allenbach (Sally), Wes Johnson (Big Money)

Mud Duck

QA LeadJames Costantino
Mud Dick TestersBen Barreras, Brian Bloomfield, Cory Dornbusch, Phil Glaser, John Pisano, Louis Riley, Steve Fraden
QA ManagerRobert Gray
Packaging DesignLindsay Westcott, Michael Wagner
Manual DesignLindsay Westcott, Michael Wagner
Special ThanksBrian Cook, the entire AMF team, Tammie, Jim, the AMF Shady Groves Lanes crew, Dagmar at Central Casting

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Darren Falcus, 35 other games
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Paul Margrave, 34 other games
James Costantino, 26 other games
Martin Fuller, 25 other games
Lindsay Westcott, 24 other games
David West, 23 other games
Louis Riley, 22 other games
Brian Bloomfield, 20 other games
Martin Pegg, 19 other games
Tim Jennings, 17 other games
Phil Gilbert, 16 other games
John Pisano, 15 other games
Matt Falcus, 15 other games
Mark Hargreaves, 15 other games
Wes Johnson, 14 other games
Jonathan Bryce, 13 other games
Nick Cowen, 13 other games
Robert Gray, 12 other games
Andy Hodgetts, 11 other games
John A. Gibson, 10 other games
Dave Drury, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69553) and formercontrib (159708)