Animal Crossing: City Folk Ad Blurbs (Wii)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Wii (Australia):

    The city comes to Animal Crossing!

    Relax in town, or go out and explore the city? It’s up to you.

    Whats the buzz in town?

    There are all sorts of discoveries waiting for you, from new events to celebrate to new items to collect. Make new friends – or reunite with old ones – and explore!

    ...Stretch your legs in the city!

    There's something for everyone!

    Get a Mii makeover!

    The city's ripe with opportunities. Just hop on the bus downtown to get hold of rare items, give yourself a makeover, visit the theatre and more.

    Play with friends near and far!
    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection lets you and up to three friends play in town together. Trade items, take part in events or just relax and chat for a while. You can also post a mail!
    Note: You cannot go to the city while connected. Either compatible wireless router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector as well as active broadband access required for online play.

    Wii Speak (sold separately) is required to talk with friends over Nintendo WFC.

    Use a Nintendo DS to visit friends or move in from Animal Crossing: Wild World!

    Basic reading ability is needed to fully enjoy this game.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194682) on Jun 06, 2011.

Nintendo press release (September 2008):

    Take a Trip to the City This Winter With Animal Crossing

    Pack your bags and take a trip to the city as Animal Crossing comes to Wii! In a new instalment to the hugely popular series, Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City not only allows players to create their own perfect life in the country, but also introduces an exciting new city area to explore! With many new features such as the new Wii Speak accessory which enables you to chat to other players in the game, pack up your fishing rod and get ready to create your ideal Animal Crossing world as Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City launches across Europe in December 2008.

    Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City is a fun and engaging life simulation, where you can take control and shape the world around you from decorating your house to creating constellations in the heavens. Start the game in your own quiet town and meet many enriching animal characters along the way as you collect new furniture, wallpaper and carpets to make your house a home. Alternatively, simply while away the hours with a spot of fishing or gardening - there are no pressures in the world of Animal Crossing, you can live the life you wish to lead.

    The new city environment introduces a thrilling new area with exciting shops and entertainment opportunities to experience. Simply jump on the bus from your town and take a trip to visit the theatre to watch a show or even visit Gracie Grace, the large and exclusive department store that sells special items and furniture to customise your home. You can even customise your own character at the hair salon with your favourite Mii from your Wii console and compete with other players selling and bidding for items at the auction house.

    Adding to the fun, Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City operates in real time, which means if twenty-four hours has passed in the real world, the same amount of time will also have passed in your town. Allowing you to experience seasons and special days as they happen, celebrate events like Halloween, and national holidays as they happen in real life.

    Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City is a title the whole family can enjoy together as it introduces a number of great ways for all to share their Animal Crossing lives with friends and family around the globe. Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, send friends letters and items from the post office located in each town. Why not even visit them yourself? Travel to a friend’s town to explore their unique Animal Crossing environment or invite them to visit you, regardless of where they live in the world!

    For the first time on Wii, get ready to actually chat with friends as Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City introduces the new Wii Speak accessory , which allows players to communicate with each other directly in the game. This exciting new accessory sits above the Wii sensor bar on your television set and enables anyone in the room to speak with friends in another location. Use Wii Speak when visiting a friend’s town, or being visited, to explore, chat and enjoy Animal Crossing together via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

    For players who have already enjoyed creating their own character in Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS, this new title will allow the transfer of some character data to Wii. The Nintendo DS can also be used as a ‘suitcase’ allowing players to take their character to and from a friend’s Wii console to explore their Animal Crossing world.

    So get ready for a slice of country and city life as Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City launches across Europe on Wii in December 2008.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194682) on Jun 06, 2011.

Back of Case - (Finland):
    Kaupunki saapuu Animal Crossingin kylään!
    Otatko rennosti kylässä vai lähdetkö tutustumaan kaupunkiin? Saat päättää ihan itse.

    Mitä uutta kylässä on tapahtunut?
    Sinua odottavat kaikenlaiset uudet kujeet. Voit vaikka osallistua uusiin juhlata-
    pahtumiin ja kerätä uudenlaisia esineitä. Löydä uusia ystäviä - tai käy terveh-
    timässä vanhoja kavereita - ja seikkaile!

    Kiertele kaupungilla!
    Sieltä löytyy jokaiselle jotakin!
    Uudista Mii-hahmosi!
    Kaupunki on täynnä mahdollisuuksia. Hyppää keskustan bussiin ja lähde
    matkaan. Kaupungilla voit hankkia harvinaisia esineitä, uudistaa ulkomuo-
    tosi, käydä teatterissa ja paljon muuta.

    Pelaa ystävien kanssa läheltä ja kaukaa!
    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - yhteyden avulla voi pelata
    kylässä yhtä aikaa kolmen ystävän kanssa. vaihtele esineitä,
    ota osaa tapahtumiin tai juttele hetken aikaa kavereiden
    kanssa. HUOMAUTUS: Et voi lähteä kaupungille, kun yhteys on
    päällä. Verkkopeliin vaaditaan yhteensopiva langaton reitit-
    in tai Nintendon Wi-Fi USB Connector sekä laajakaistayhteys

    Jos haluat jutella ystäviesi kanssa Nintendo WFC:n välityksellä, tarvitse
    Wii Speak™ -mikrofonin (myydään erikseen).

    Nintendo DS™-järjestelmän avulla voit vierailla ystäviesi
    luona tai muuttaa sisään Animal Crossing™: Wild World -pelistä!'

    Nu har Animal Crossing kommit till stan!
    Koppla av eller gå ut ich utforska stan? Välj själv!

    Vad händer i stan?
    Det finns massor av saker att upptäcka - nya händelser att fira och nya saker
    att samla på. Träffä nya kompisar - eller hitta gamla igen - och utforska stan!

    Sträck på benen i stan!
    Här finns något för alla!
    Gör om din Mii!
    Stan är full av möjligheter. Hoppa på bussen till centrum och skaffa
    ovanliga saker, gör om dig, gå på teatern och mycket, mycket mer.

    Spela med kompisar överallt!
    Med Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection kan du och upp till tre kompisar spela i stan till-
    sammans. Byt saker, var med om händelser eller koppla av och snacka en stund.
    OBS! Du kan inte åka till stan när du är ansluten. Antingen trådlös router eller
    Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector samt bredbandsanslutning krävs för att spela online.

    Du behöver Wii Speak™ (säljs separat) för att prata med kompisar
    via Nintendo WFC.

    Änvand ditt Nintendo DS™-system för att hälsa på kompisar eller flytta från
    Animal Crossing™:Wild World!

    Contributed by Sonikku225 (249) on Feb 28, 2010.

Nintendo Catalog 2008:
    If life were an endless vacation, what would you do? In Animal Crossing: City Folk, life moves at a relaxed pace, but the world brims with endless possibilities. In the living, breathing world of Animal Crossing: City Folk, days and seasons pass in real time, so there's always something to discover! Go fishing, collect shells or watch fireworks with friends. Build a snowman, exchange presents with family or decorate your house for the holidays. You can take a trip to the city, go on a shopping spree or visit friends from all over the globe! Up to four people from your household can live and work together to build the perfect town. Design clothes and patterns, write letters and post messages on the bulletin board for each other, or invite up to three friends to visit your town using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. With the new Wii Speak™ microphone, it's like you're all in the same room.

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 03, 2009.