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While most licensed games end up being commericials that you pay for, The Ant Bully draws well from the source material, but still manages.
Video Game Generation (Dec 19, 2006)
Despite the sloppy port, The Ant Bully is well worth a look for younger gamers. While the game’s content isn’t that special, and the graphics are some of the worst on the system, the way the game uses the Wii Remote & Nunchuk makes it an enjoyable experience. Overall, this is a solid kid-friendly title that hints at greater things to come for Wii owners young and old.
Aside from learning a few inaccurate oddities about ants or using it to make fun of your friends, this game isn't worth much.
GameZone (Dec 15, 2006)
For its efforts and its technology, The Ant Bully is worth renting. But I wouldn't add it to your collection even if the movie it's based on is your favorite animated flick.
55 (Jan 27, 2007)
Sure, running around and performing such fetch-quests as bringing back food for the colony or collecting pieces of a weapon may not be fun for your average 25 year old, but in the eyes of an eight year-old this is great stuff. So, if you look at it from their perspective it's probably a decent game, and since that's the target audience you have to look at it like that. Then again, they're not asking eight year olds to review this game, so if you're looking for a game for a younger member of your family, this is a decent effort, but probably a rental first. If you're in the older set then there's no way you should even be looking in this direction in the first place, but in the off chance that you are…look away! Pretend it's the Medusa and keep your distance.
If you enjoy collecting pointless doodads, have an affinity for battling enemies whose AI appears to be broken, and seek the highest level of repetition possible, The Ant Bully is your game. I, on the other hand, hope that kid gets eaten by a grasshopper.
Lawrence (Dec 21, 2006)
If you’re going to steal, you should steal from the best, and the developers of The Ant Bully clearly know this. There are countless aspects of this game that are borrowed directly from the Legend of Zelda series. Jumping is performed automatically rather than with the use of a button. The main character can do a charge attack with his melee weapon. You can use a petal to float from a high area to a lower area, just like the Deku leaf from Wind Waker. Unfortunately, it borrows the mechanics from the classic Nintendo series, but leaves most of the fun behind.
Game Chronicles (Dec 08, 2006)
Young kids and fans of the film will certainly find a few fun moments and the unique Wii controls certainly add some flavor to the gameplay, but it’s way too early into the life cycle of the Wii to tolerate or even settle for mediocre games like The Ant Bully.
IGN (Jan 19, 2007)
Graphically the game holds its own, though there’s really nothing that puts the effort above and beyond other licensed titles, and absolutely nothing was done to improve on visuals for the Wii version. The audio, however, seems unpolished and unfinished, making The Ant Bully extremely annoying to not only the gamer, but anyone else in the general vicinity of the TV. Combine that with repetitive gameplay and a story mode that takes only a few solid hours to wear thin, and you’ve got a licensed title that’s better left for rentals than a purchase. If licensed gaming is essential in your household, you’re better off saving the cash and waiting for something better to come along. The Ant Bully has its entertaining moments, but the bar for licensed games is slowly rising, and this overall product just isn’t up to par.
NintendoWorldReport (Jan 02, 2007)
The Ant Bully is a cookie-cutter collect-a-thon adventure, and the game makes absolutely no attempt to hide it from the player. It's also another example of why licensed videogames tend to suck. It's also another port to the Wii that, from a gamer's standpoint, probably shouldn't have been done. The mediocrity trifecta! It's another Wii launch game you shouldn't bother with.
AceGamez (2006)
Even as a basic film tie-in adventure, The Ant Bully doesn't score many points. Its gameplay is niggling and its humour is trite and stale. Unfortunately I fear that The Any Bully will be further ammunition for the Wii cynics, those jaded folk who delight in pointing out the console's similarity to the Gamecube. This is a game that never pretends to be anything but a recycled Gamecube port. Everything about it screams of lazy game developers - rather than giving serious thought to the Wii's pioneering control system, they've idly set out to force an old game onto this new control system. The phrase square pegs and round holes comes to mind, and for me The Ant Bully really doesn't fit well at all.
40 (UK) (May 30, 2007)
It's a moot point though because the truth is that neither version is particularly worthy of your hard-earned - to the point where even the cash spent on a rental would be best diverted towards your next Virtual Console purchase. The Ant Bully is simply too generic in pretty much every way, a collection of ideas done hundreds of times before in other games, offering nothing new to excite or surprise the player. A wholly unremarkable and totally avoidable game.
GameSpot (Dec 18, 2006)
The Ant Bully wasn't a good game when it was released for the GameCube, and it isn't any better now that it's available for the Wii. Being able to attack by shaking the controller doesn't change the fact that the game as a whole is repetitive and tedious. Furthermore, the graphics, which were ugly on the GameCube, look just as bad on the Wii. That's just not right.