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Balls of Fury (Wii)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Balls of Fury Credits

Developed by Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

PresidentRichard Woods
CEORichard Woods
VP of Business DevelopmentDerek McDaniel
Finance DirectorTeresa Gloe
Director of ArtMatt Raithel
Director of DesignMatt Raithel
Director of ProgrammingDavid Wilcox
ProducerAndrew P. Bilyk
Lead DesignerDoug Hill
Lead ProgrammerKinzie L. Schwab
Lead ArtistRyan Lee
ProgrammersAaron Eady, Michael Graves (Smiles)
Additional ProgrammerAndrew Dour
3D ArtistChris Pope
Character ArtistJustin Mayfield (DN)
Environment ArtistAndrew Dour
Additional ArtistsJosh Williams, Andy Goodwin, Chris Murdock, Ben Rosendahl
Additional AnimationAlcazar Entertainment LLC
Music Composed byKyle Kenneth Batter, Kayla Schmah, Chad Seiter
Music Supervised byChad Seiter
Guitar/Bass PerformancesCraig Ferguson, Kyle Kenneth Batter
Quality Assurance ManagerWes Bowen
Quality AssuranceJeremy Day, Joshua Goeke

Published by Destination Software, Inc.

VP of DevelopmentPaul Tresise
European Development ManagerAeron Guy
US Development ManagerPierre Roux
ProducerJames Davis

Quality Assurance by EC-I

Managing DirectorRupert Young
Testing ManagersSharad Chaturvedi, Rajesh G.S.
Lead TestersJeffin Raj Paul, Debdeul Baul
Test TeamRajiv Mayanak, Shashank Ambre, Salvador Fernandes, Kaushik Raul, Girish G.S., Vishal Karkera, Manish Raghuwanshi, Jayakrishnan S., Amit Chalke, Vivek Salunke, Rohit Suvarna, Salil Patankar

Licensed by Focus Features

Focus FeaturesJames Schamus, Andrew Karpen, Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman, David Brooks, Steven Flynn, Blair Green, Jennifer Mao, Kara Keporos
FilmmakersRobert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon

Licensed by Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group

Universal Pictures Digital Platforms GroupBill Kispert, Gary Lokum, Kam Naderi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (249660)