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IGN (Jan 16, 2007)
Wii Sports Baseball is packed in with every new console sold – strike one against this NES classic. This game has also been re-released recently in a few other places, including an emulated appearance in Animal Crossing for the GameCube and an e-Card version for Game Boy Advance – strike two. But Baseball's important place in Nintendo's history, its two-player support and its still-intact sense of fun keep it from striking out. If you're a fan of hard hits, home runs and horsehide, give Baseball a try – it's less than the price of Cracker Jacks and a ballpark frank.
GameSpot (Jan 04, 2007)
If you spent hours of your youth playing Baseball it may be worth $5 as a piece of nostalgia, but anyone looking for an enjoyable game will likely be disappointed, as Baseball is just too simplistic.
20 (UK) (Jan 16, 2007)
Old hands in the US and Japan might disagree with what this means to the NES landscape, but to someone - like me - playing it for the first time, it feels like an unnecessary inclusion, and definitely one to give wide berth to.
Nintendo Life (Dec 30, 2006)
Summing it all up, Nintendo’s Baseball is not much fun to play nowadays. Every player is the same so any idea of strategy is thrown out of the window, you can’t get involved in the fielding, the gameplay moves at a very slow pace. The graphics and music have dated horribly in a way that obstructs the enjoyment of the game, unlike say Excitebike which still has a bit of magic.
While it's nice to see that Nintendo are releasing a diverse range of software for the Virtual Console, you have to wonder why they've dug this game out of the vault. Even if you're a massive fan of baseball, it's hard to see how much enjoyment you'd get out of this rather stunted representation of the sport. There are better baseball games on the NES - I can only assume Nintendo have picked this because it's a first part title and they intend to release better games later on in the Wii's life - as it stands, this is one to avoid.