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Nintendojo (2009)
Overall, this game is exactly what it's titled: The Biggest Loser. Most licensed games will use a franchise name and little else, but this isn't one of them. Both of the show's trainers are in the game providing voice acting and video tips, and the show's famous elimination round is there as well. The exercises are also tough and no pushovers, but some extra Wii Fit-styled mini-games would have added a little more fun to the otherwise cut-and-dry experience. Fortunately, the recipes, video tips and calorie counter make up for this deficiency in terms of the game's overall value. The Biggest Loser is a must-buy for those serious enough to accept the challenge of living healthy. Stay with it and the player can, and will, be rewarded.
Worth Playing (Oct 26, 2009)
The Biggest Loser isn't the best exercise alternative to Wii Fit. That honor belongs to EA Active, which combines all of the strenuous activities with a better-looking package. It is, however, a very good alternative thanks to the other lifestyle features packed in the title and the different built-in exercise routines. Fans of the show will enjoy this title immensely, while others can still get a lot out of the content offered here, especially if their only exposure to exercise is Wii Fit.
IGN (Oct 27, 2009)
I've played most of the major exergames that have come out in the past few years and I honestly expected to play this game for a few weeks and put it on the shelf to collect dust, but I have to admit, The Biggest Loser impressed me. While this game certainly has some flaws in its motion tracking and lacks the polish of some of the higher budget fitness games from bigger publishers, when it comes to finding a workout that can get your heart pumping, The Biggest Loser can compete. The inclusion of five different workout types and a strong variety of difficulty choices for each type makes this game a customizable experience that can give you the workout you want.
GameZone (Oct 13, 2009)
The Biggest Loser is a sub-par entry into the world of fitness video-games. Players can be assured that as long as the fitness game trend keeps up that a sequel to this game will be released. Hopefully the next game in the series will correct some of the serious oversights that this game contains, such as better instructions to each exercise. EA Sports Active and Wii Fit do a very good job at this, so it is possible to show players how to do an exercise instead of leaving players wondering if they are doing each exercise correctly. Unless you are a die-hard The Biggest Loser fan, I would avoid this game or get it just as a rental.
Video Game Generation (Jan 30, 2011)
The exercises are good enough to get you sweating, provided you can get yourself to play the game in the first place. The poor menus, worse animation, sorry attempt at a food diary function, nonexistent weight comparison, dispiritingly inaccurate tracking/estimation of calories burned per workout and utter lack of motivation to get you on a consistent exercise schedule might easily leave this game collecting dust in the corner next to your Ab Roller, Tony Little’s Gazelle or whatever other infomercial crap you bought in a moment of weakness that promised you a six-pack of abs and dramatic weight loss. Stick to the exercises provided, but skip everything else about the game. And stay away from reality TV. After all, what else can you think of, besides “torture porn” like Saw, that’s wholistically bad for your mind, body and soul? Nothing, right? So there – I thought so!