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GameSpot (Mar 21, 2007)
If you like shoot-'em-ups, Bio-Hazard Battle is worth checking out. It's a good alternative to Gradius and R-Type, it offers the rarely seen two-player option, and the quirky visuals and challenging stages further justify the 800 Wii points ($8) that it costs to download.
70 (UK) (Jun 23, 2007)
Think of it as David Cronenberg's R-Type and you'll be within spitting distance of understanding what the flipping crikey is going on.
Nintendo Life (Feb 27, 2007)
For fans of the shoot-em-up genre, Bio-Hazard Battle represents a solid purchase. It's a little underwhelming at times and the unusual visuals won't be to everyone's taste but it is a decent enough blaster with some interesting ideas. There are arguably better choices on the Megadrive such as Hellfire, Gynoug, Zero Wing, Aero Blasters and Steel Empire but if you can't wait for any of those to arrive on the Virtual Console you could do a lot worse than download Bio-Hazard Battle; just don't go expecting a triple A classic.
60 (Mar 12, 2007)
Bio-Hazard Battle könnte Importfans unter dem Titel Crying ein Begriff sein. Kurz vor dem West-Release hat Sega dann aber wohl festgestellt, dass der horizontal scrollende Shooter mit seinen organisch-ekligen Feinden alles andere als “zum Heulen” ist. Im Gegenteil: Das Ganze ist sogar durchweg solide gestaltet, geht gegen die TurboGrafx-16- und Super Nintendo-Konkurrenz aber letzten Endes doch ein bisschen unter. Freunde exotischer Ballerspiele machen hier trotzdem sicher nichts falsch. Allerdings musste ich beim Spielen die ganze Zeit daran denken, dass ich lieber Gynoug zocken würde. Hm… ich hoffe, Nintendo liest mit...
IGN (Feb 26, 2007)
It isn’t all that surprising that upon its initial release in 1992 the game saw very little in the way of wide attention or critical acclaim. The gameplay is rather generic and uninspired and doesn’t offer anything new to the genre. Even with a second player the game gets boring far too quickly, and is a most disappointing Virtual Console release. The notion that Nintendo wants 800 of your hard earned Wii points is laughable. Avoid this one at all costs – if you want a true side scrolling shoot ‘em up, go with ol’ faithful: R Type III…it’ll cost you the same, and last you far longer.