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Bionicle Heroes isn't the toughest game in the world but it is very enjoyable. Even though it's based on a toy, there's no way this is some cheapo cash-in; this is actually good.
As a huge fan of the Lego Star Wars series, I was really disappointed with this game. Heroes basically just copied and pasted the Lego Star Wars formula, but took out the likeable characters and tacked on sluggish Wii controls. Jokes that were once humorous and endearing now fall flat because of a complete lack of character development for all of the games many indistinguishable characters. When the only differences between your game's characters are the gun they carry and the color of their armor, you know the characters are virtually interchangeable. Still, if you don't mind the sluggish controls, ambiguous characters, and mind numbing repetition, Bionicle Heroes can still provide a limited amount of enjoyment for a brief time.
IGN (May 01, 2007)
For anyone still wanting to check this otherwise-impressive game out, feel free to give it a rental or pick up the PS2/360 or GameCube (still playable on Wii, remember) version of the game, as they are far, far better titles. For Wii, it was simply one lazy design choice that managed to drop this game from “great” status down to a barely bearable game. The IR control is simply no substitute for a second analog stick – at least not in the way it was implemented here.
40 (Jun 25, 2007)
Overall, Traveller's Tales have given us a good example of how not to port games to Wii. The only positive points provided by this edition of Bionicle Heroes were there in its previous iterations and the new controls only serve to lessen the experience. In the end you're left with a thoroughly dull shooter which despite being large in scope provides little challenge and is so repetitive there's little incentive to follow it through to the end. If you want some Lego based action on the Wii, I'd suggest waiting for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga released later this year and steering well clear of this unless you really are a diehard fan of the Bionicle franchise.
GamesRadar (Jun 22, 2007)
It seemed absurd for us to be yelling at our character to "Move! Get outta the way!" as if it were our mother carelessly vacuuming in front of the TV, but maybe that's why the game (over) compensates with its ridiculous ease. With energy hearts constantly appearing, respawning masks, and enemies that kindly back off, if you die in Bionicle Heroes you may want to strongly consider hanging up your gaming gloves. We suppose the game will appeal to Bionicle fans, if they do in fact exist, but anyone else will want to bypass Heroes for something better. Let's hope the upcoming LEGO-ization of Batman fares a bit better.
GameSpot (May 02, 2007)
Bionicle Heroes is without a doubt aimed at kids and is as E10+ as a shooter can get, but even the simplest of gamers will quickly grow bored by the lack of challenge, innovation, and story development. Although the game does have bursts of inspiration in the form of its charming cutscenes, these are spread entirely too thin and don't come close to carrying the package or making up for the disappointing gameplay. With other viable versions available, even diehard Bionicle fans should steer clear of the Wii version because the busted control conversion pretty much breaks the game.
39 (May 25, 2007)
Leider entpuppt sich Bionicle Heroes auch auf Wii als völlig witz- und spannungsfreier Ballermarathon mit nur kurzzeitig motivierender Klötzchen- und Upgrade-Hatz. Selber basteln darf man genauso wenig wie sich mit anderen Spielern messen. Die kaum präsente Handlung ist genauso öde wie der Kopfschütteln verursachende Humor. Und die Rätsel verdienen es eigentlich gar nicht als solche bezeichnet zu werden, da die Lösungen bereits angezeigt werden, bevor man sich überhaupt Gedanken machen muss. Hinzu kommen Gegner ohne jede Intelligenz, freischaltbare Extras ohne jeden Sinn, Charaktere ohne jede Persönlichkeit und ein Schwierigkeitsgrad ohne jede Herausforderung - und das bei einem Spiel für zwölf Jahre und aufwärts... Wenigstens sind die Schauplätze teils ganz ansehnlich - eine flüssige Darstellung wäre mir jedoch lieber gewesen.
30 (May 23, 2007)
Si les versions de Bionicle Heroes existantes sur les autres consoles sont médiocres, cette adaptation Wii fait encore pire. La jouabilité à la Wiimote et au Nunchuk est en effet frustrante au possible et vous poussera à jeter très vite ce jeu à la poubelle.