Bloons (Wii)

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Bloons Credits

Published by Hand-On Mobile

Made under license fromNinja Kiwi
ProducerPatrick Horne
Director, Games StudioJ. J. Lechleiter
President, Hands‑On MobileNicollo De Masi
VP of OperationsLynn Monica
Legal CounselAdam Heller
Business DevelopmentDave Smiddy
Production StaffEd Ho, Ryan Saldana, Farrell Sobejana
Office ManagerDebbie Barker
QA ManagersJohn Katircioglu, Chad Difuntorum
QA TeamHai Ho, Neil Cruz, Adalberto Huerta

Developed by Bloober Team

ProducerPiotr Babieno
Executive ProducerPeter Bielatowicz
Project ManagerPeter Bielatowicz
Lead DesignerPeter Bielatowicz
Level DesignerDaniel Miszkiel
Quality AssuranceDaniel Miszkiel
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerHubert Mroz
Gameplay ProgrammerKrzysztof Stasik
Engine Technical DirectorLukasz Mendakiewicz
Senior Engine ProgrammerBogusław Mista
Engine ProgrammerArtur Staszczyk
Engine Sound ProgrammerSeweryn Mazik
Engine Tools ProgrammerMarzena Gasidlo
2D ArtistsKrzysztof Poznanski, Artur Kulczycki
UI ArtistKrzysztof Poznanski
Background ArtistAdam Nyk
3D ArtistKrzysztof Gryzka
Animation ArtistAgata Czaplinska
ComposerLukasz Babieno
Sound EngineerLukasz Babieno
TesterMichal Niemczykiewicz
Satus Investment Fund Production SupervisorsKrzysztof Belech, Mariusz Borowiec

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