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Official Nintendo Magazine
As a game that can be approached in so many different ways and on so many levels, Battalion Wars 2 should appeal to anyone who likes a bit of good old-fashioned strategic action.
BWii is, in a sense, a weird beast. Its presentation is some of the best on the Wii and will silence those who feel that Nintendo doesn't know modern production values. However, at the same time the gameplay remains the simple and accessible stuff that has sold the console to the masses. If Call of Duty 4 was your game of the year for last year, you might not find what you are looking for in BWii. However, if you’re one of the increasing number of people who finds that the Wii and its titles tickle your fancy, BWii is probably one of the best titles on the platform.
Cheat Code Central
With all that the game offers, there is little reason not to give it a try. Whether you need a change of pace from all the shallow mini-games or just a title to hold you over until Super Mario Galaxy, Battalion Wars 2 is certainly worth a go.
En cuanto a las diferencias entre la primera y la segunda parte, “Battalion Wars 2” peca de ser bastante continuista aún con las novedades implementadas en esta última versión. El desarrollo de los combates continúan siendo demasiado lineales y no presentan alternativas que permitan afrontar los objetivos de cada fase de otro modo. Aún así, la tensión durante las batallas nunca desaparecerá, haciéndose más palpable en los modos multijugador online. “Battalion Wars 2” es un soplo de aire fresco para Wii, ávida de títulos alejados de los jugadores casuales, pero que ningún usuario debería dejar de escapar.
Da Gameboyz
Battalion Wars 2 is a worthy sequel to the original game on the GameCube. With some pretty innovative and solid graphics, great sound and the inclusion of online support, this game is pretty much a must buy, especially for strategy fans looking for their fix on the Wii.
Battalion Wars 2 kann zwar nicht mit toller Grafik punkten, dafür aber mit gutem Gameplay. Der Taktik-Teil hätte für meinen Geschmack ruhig etwas höher ausfallen können und mir haben einige Funktionen bei den Befehlen, sowie ein Voice-Chat im Online-Modus gefehlt. Trotzdem sind die Online-Modi wirklich Klasse geworden und es gab weder Lags noch sonstige Probleme mit der Verbindung oder dem Finden von Mitspielern. Der Umfang ist recht ordentlich und ich kann jedem Freund von Action-Spielen mit einem Hauch von Taktik dieses Game ans Herz legen.
Kaiken kaikkiaan Battalion Wars 2 ei tarjoa elämää suurempia elämyksiä, mutta myös suuremmat viat loistavat poissaolollaan. Peli-iloa nakertaa lähinnä pelin lievä tyhjänpäiväisyys. Syvyyttä ja haastetta ei pahemmin ole tarjolla ja tehtävätkin käyvät pidemmän päälle siinä määrin toistamaan itseään, ettei peli varsinaista riippuvuutta missään vaiheessa aiheuta. Perusasiat tuntuvat kaikesta valittamisesta huolimatta kuitenkin olevan kohdallaan, sillä kun pelin pariin istahtaa, haukkaa sävyisä sodankäynti huomaamatta usein useammankin tunnin elämästä.
Gemakei (formerly Zentendo)
Though the gameplay is very solid and the rest of the package is there, the game just is way too short - much shorter than its GCN predecessor. There are bonus missions and obtaining the highest ranking on each mission, but these become quite tedious to unlock and obtain. The story, which may provide some intrigue, is pretty shallow and relatively uninteresting. Still, the title is enjoyable and provides a good action experience, which can be played in large chunks or in small doses and still satisfy.
All things considered, the game could be a lot worse. There are many niggles and some large irritations, but all of these will not stop you enjoying the game. Overall, this series is rising on the home console rather than falling, but it’s still not a patch on the intelligence of its older and cleverer handheld brethren.
Battalion Wars II es un clarísimo ejemplo de la filosofía de Nintendo (que no la de Wii), es decir, que prima la jugabilidad y la originalidad, ofreciendo además un on-line más que notable y demostrando como innovar con el control. El punto flaco es el técnico, reutilizado el motor gráfico, la banda sonora y los efectos de sonido de su predecesor, aunque son fáciles de olvidar, ya que el objetivo del juego es ofrecer diversión pura y dura, cosa que consigue sobradamente.
Battalion Wars 2 is a solid title that just misses the mark of greatness. Offline multiplayer, a more in-depth campaign mode or more than 2-player online play would have put it over the top. As it is, it's a fun diversion that ends just a bit too soon.
Game Tap
Battalion Wars 2 online and offline can be played in any number of ways--it really just depends on what’s ultimately needed to win a battle. But if anything, this game serves as a great example of the type of strategy games that can be done with the Wii’s unique control setup and how to make a game seem simple and complex, all at the same time.
These minor hitches aside, Battalion Wars 2 is an unexpectedly great sequel, one with precise controls, fine online multiplayer options and an above average presentation. While it isn't the best military game on the market, it still hits its targets – and that's good enough for a nice, shiny medal.
Battalions Wars 2 is, net zoals zijn voorganger, een degelijk spel dat naast een singleplayer ook online wat te bieden heeft. Bovendien zit het qua besturing wel lekker en heeft de ontwikkelaar een eigen grafische stempel op het geheel weten te drukken. Het grootste nadeel is dat het allemaal wat pittiger had mogen zijn, vooral dan de intelligentie van de tegenstand. Toch blijft Battalion Wars 2 een titel die zonder twijfel in huis kan gehaald worden, zeker als je Wii de laatste tijd net zo stoffig is geworden als die van mezelf.
Battalion Wars 2 gaat verder waar Battalion Wars gebleven was en doet dat met waardigheid. De ontwikkelaars hebben in elk geval duidelijk geleerd van de fouten van de eerste editie op de Gamecube en flink wat verbeteringen aangebracht. Toch worden - wellicht net door de hogere algemene kwaliteit - bij momenten de tekortkomingen pijnlijk duidelijk. Wie echter op zoek is naar een variant van de Advance Wars-reeks om in de zetel te spelen op groot scherm, zal zich met Battalion Wars 2 op de Wii zeker weten te amuseren. Ik hoop alvast dat er nog een derde editie verschijnt die de laatste oneffenheden weet uit te wissen, want met BW2 is ontwikkelaar Kuju in elk geval op de goede weg. Het spel biedt een unieke game-ervaring en is dan ook en aanrader voor elke Wii-bezitter.
Das britische Team von Kuju Entertainment serviert nicht nur eine erfrischende Parodie auf all die ernsthafte Kriegsspielpampe, es präsentiert sie auch noch auf technisch und musikalisch hochwertigem Niveau. Und wie schon im Vorgänger auf dem GameCube liegt die größte Stärke in der gelungenen Verknüpfung aus Ein-Mann-Action und Gruppentaktik: In der einen Sekunde feuert man noch seine Bazooka gegen einen feindlichen Panzer, in der anderen fliegt man einen Helikopter oder taucht mit dem U-Boot. Das über weite Strecken sehr gute Missionsdesign, der fliegende Einheitenwechsel und die coole Spielwelt zwingen immer wieder ans Pad. Man hat zudem bei jedem Abschuss das angenehme Gefühl, dass die tödliche Schere-Stein-Papier-Konsequenz aus dem rundenbasierten Vorbild Advance Wars auch hier auch in Echtzeit funktioniert. Bisher gab es noch kein Strategiespiel für Wii, jetzt gibt es trotz einiger offener Feldherrenwünsche ein richtig gutes, und zwar inklusive Online-Modus!
Even with a few missteps, Battalion Wars 2 remains a quality title that I can recommend to anybody who liked the original or to any Wii owners interested in an action game that requires a little more smarts to complete.
If you've been through and enjoyed these wars before, there's no reason to resist enlisting once again. Battalion Wars 2 boasts enjoyable storylines and presentation along with killer weapons and a dose of strategy. That gets a gold star in our book. Four, even.
Battalion Wars 2 is a refreshing title that might get lost in the holiday shuffle with more marquee titles like Super Mario Galaxy in the spotlight. The game could stand to be fleshed out in the areas of multiplayer and including something for single players to do after the campaign is through, but what Battalion Wars includes out of the box is still quite fun to play. Action fans might be turned off to the strategy elements of the game, and strategy fans vice versa, but don't be so quick on the draw: BWii is an engaging game with enough action and strategy to satisfy fans of both genres. Just don't be fooled by the cutesy graphics.
Der virtuelle Krieg auf Nintendos Konsole überzeugt in vielen Bereichen. Die Steuerung funktioniert ohne zu murren, die Missionen sind abwechslungsreich und die strategischen Ansätze sorgen für den nötigen Tiefgang. Auch grafisch präsentiert sich Batallion Wars 2 in gewohnt witzigem Wusellook und ist somit ein angenehmer Kontrast zu der bierernsten Konkurrenz. Leider dauert das Vergnügen aber nicht lange an, denn so unterhaltsam die Kampagne auch sein mag, so schnell sieht man den Abspann. Da bleibt einem dann nur noch der Onlinemodus, der mit seiner stabilen Verbindungsrate für langfristigen Spielspaß sorgt. Wer mit dem Wii online geht, kann sich das Spiel ohne Bedenken zulegen. Solisten sollten sich dagegen gut überlegen, ob sich dieser "liebevolle" Weltkrieg auch auszahlt.
The overriding feeling when playing BWii is that it's meant to be fun, it's well presented in a brightly-coloured cartoon style, often frantic and importantly doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest. You get the feeling it understands that it's really only pretending to have strategy leanings and that the action is what it loves best. Sure there's frustration and flaws to be found if you go looking for them, and they're definitely enough to stop me slapping a huge score at the end and recommending it to everyone, but if you can accept it for what it is and don't look too hard at the ropy bits there's a hell of a lot of fun to be had here if you give it a chance.
It certainly takes a little while to adjust to the Battalion Wars style of gameplay, but the more time you spend with it, the more it grows on you. Fans of the original can expect a bit more depth and look forward to testing their skills online, but it’s a shame that the single-player campaign amounts to skirmish, and not a war.
If you enjoyed Battalion Wars on Gamecube, this might be worth checking out thanks to the new control method (and lag-free online play). If the last one didn’t do much for you, stick with the superior Advance Wars games.
The Wiire
All in all, Battalion Wars II is a solid offering that requires both reflexes and strategy skills. If you're a a strategy enthusiast looking for something of faster pace, or a trigger-happy gamer looking for a bit more depth and humor, do consider this game. If you need another game to play online, BWii is definitely one of the better choices available for the console.
Despite what might seem like many complaints, we generally like Battalion Wars 2. In nearly all ways, it's an advancement over its predecessor, so if you liked the first game, we'd be surprised if you didn't like this too. Unfortunately, the title falls shorts of being a truly "great" Nintendo property. In the end, the formula is shallow and the experience marred by too many small problems. That said, it is a likable and fun Wii title that merges qualities from the action and RTS genres into a one hybrid genre.
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
Battalion Wars 2 successfully translates the fun strategic battle gameplay over to the Wii, with a simple yet effective graphical flare combined with what is for the most part, fairly solid gameplay. While it does suffer from some strange design decisions with some ineffective controls mapped to the nunchuk, there is still a fun game to be had here. While it may not be packed with features, the online mode is also one of the best experiences we’ve had over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The major issue with the game is that it isn’t vastly different from the original, but if you were a massive fan of the original Battalion Wars or if you’ve never played the Gamecube predecessor, then you’ll probably find a lot to like here if you have any interest in the genre at all.
Considering where war-based games are in today’s world, you can help but feel this kind of gameplay to be outdated. Fans of the first title, probably will find enjoyment in the sequel if they can look beyond the lack of creativity in the transition from the GameCube title to the Nintendo Wii. The inclusion of an online multiplayer mode is a nice touch, considering there really isn’t much to Nintendo’s network. Though not on the same level as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption or Super Mario Galaxy, Battalion Wars 2 is definitely a quality title worth owning, especially if you like a game that takes more than 5 to 10 hours to beat.
GamePro (US)
For a quick debriefing, Battalion Wars 2 is a solid title with a hearty single player mode, a decent amount of unlockable content and a fun online component. The consistent and excellent art direction sets a standard that we hope will raise the bar for other games. That said, Batttalion Wars 2 is an obvious improvement over its predecessor and should find it's way into the waiting hands of series veterans as well as grunts who have just gotten their hands on a standard issue Wii.
Battalion Wars II isn't a bad game, but too short and it doesn't manage to innovate. Also because it's a mix of different genres, but never manages to shine in any department, the result ends up quite poor. The controls with the Wii-mote are ok, but too limited in possibilities and it takes quite some effort to point at the screen for long. Nice try, but better luck next time..
GBase - The Gamer's Base
Wer Battalion Wars mochte, wird auch am zweiten Teil Gefallen finden. Selbst wenn die Entwickler leider so gut wie alle Kritikpunkte des Vorgängers nicht ausgemerzt haben. So wie beispielsweise die Steuerung, welche mit Wiimote und Nunchuk sogar noch unkomfortabler geworden ist. Im Gegenzug dürft ihr euch dafür nun auch zu Wasser bekriegen und bestimmte Einrichtungen wie beispielsweise Kasernen, Fabriken oder Docks einnehmen. Ausserdem beinhaltet das Spiel einen spassigen Online-Modus, in dem ihr sowohl mit- als auch gegeneinander in die Schlacht ziehen könnt. Nicht zuletzt deshalb sollten sich Strategiefans, die auch in hektischen Situationen die Nerven behalten, den Titel zumindest einmal anschauen.
Sans rien chambouler à la formule d'origine, Kuju Entertainement nous offre là un excellent titre d'action mâtiné d'un soupçon de stratégie. Plus fouillé, mieux rythmé et plus varié que le premier épisode, Battalion Wars 2 diffuse sa bonne humeur au fil de batailles dantesques et rondement menées. On profitera même d'un mode multijoueur bienvenu, bien que malheureusement réservé aux gamers connectés. Et une fois encore, l'univers cartoon affiché par le titre permet de traiter avec intelligence et humour de sujets beaucoup plus sombres. Chapeau.
UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
Despite a few clunky controls and limited strategic options, the action RTS formula works marvelously well on the Wii. The addition of water-based vehicles to the proceedings only sweetens the experience. If you find yourself a red ringed Xbox 360 and nothing to play as triple-A holiday releases descend all around you, Battalion Wars 2 is one game that is definitely worth checking out.
Even though most of the original game's shortcomings are still present in Battalion Wars 2, this is a much better product thanks to improved graphics, good pacing, and a decent attempt at online play. Though it still doesn't match Advance Wars in terms of brains or brawn, this Wii soldier is worth sending into battle.
Game Informer Magazine
While the original Battalion Wars may have gotten the series off to a rough start, the sequel moves a few things in the right direction.
Computer Bild Spiele
„Battalion Wars 2“ überzeugt mit leichter Zugänglichkeit. Sie benötigen keine Erfahrung mit taktischen Spielen, um die ersten Schlachten zu schlagen. Aber dennoch sollten Sie Ehrgeiz mitbringen, denn die späteren Spielstufen erfordern nicht nur kampfstarke Truppen, sondern auch intelligentes Vorgehen. Leider können Sie während einer Spielstufe nicht speichern, sollten also besonders vorsichtig zu Werke gehen. Und die Steuerung könnte noch genauer sein. Dass das Spiel trotzdem „gut“ ist, spricht für die Spielidee.
Power Unlimited
Battalion Wars 2 verlangt meer van je geheugen dan van je strategisch vernuft, en dat begon me zo halverwege het spel wat te irriteren. Maar ook zonder strategische diepgang zijn de missies best leuk om te voltooien.
Nintendo Life
Battalion Wars Wii is ultimately a sequel that doesn’t do enough to make a good series great. The visuals are nice, missions are the right length, and there have been a couple of enhancements in the form of extra units and an online multiplayer mode. However, the distinct lack of offline multiplayer is a significant downside, and disjointed gameplay mechanics makes its description as a 'tactical' action game fit like a pair of clown pants on a size zero model.
UOL Jogos
"Battalion Wars 2" é uma continuação conservadora do primeiro game. Ou seja, não há inovação, mas a qualidade foi mantida. A porção que mais mudou foi a campanha para um jogador, que está com ritmo melhor. O acréscimo do multiplayer online também é bem-vindo, que apesar de um pouco restritivo, proporciona boas horas de diversão. Enfim, quem gostou do primeiro game não terá nenhuma resistência à continuação, assim como aqueles que curtem um bom game de tiro em terceira pessoa com elementos de tática de esquadrão.
As an action game spin-off from the highly tactical Advance Wars series, Battalion Wars II does its job, but a number of issues with the depth of the command system and the ability to rely on brute force over tactics let the game down. If you're after a fun, action packed Wii game that isn't too taxing on the brain cells, give Battalion Wars 2 a try, but don't expect the finished article.
Battalion Wars 2 is a good game with some minor issues that do not detract from its overall quality or enjoyment. It even merits favourable comparisons to a 3D version of Cannon Fodder and is the perfect game for anyone who finds PC strategy games to be a little too in-depth for their liking.
Despite the obvious war theme to the game, the graphics are quite tame. Exploding vehicles, ships, and planes abound but the exaggerated cartoonish people are never explicitly hurt. While the T for teen rating is appropriate for the level of violence, it is clearly on the lower end of the spectrum. The lack of blood or gore keep the game less disturbing than most other shooters. The complex interactions and strategic decisions stemming from the control of multiple forces keep the game best played by young teens or older.
Video Game Talk
After the first Battalion Wars I was a little skeptical regarding whether or not the series would see another release. Fortunately the sequel is just as good, if not slightly better than, the original game. It finds a home on the Wii and fans of the strategy genre should definitely give a spin to see how Kuju Entertainment developed it. There are some unique elements here blended with a decent backdrop and some interesting controls. It's not a shining gem by any means but it's certainly a strong title that warrants a serious look by fans of the genre. Check it out and you won't be disappointed!
Video Games Daily
So it's a case - just like with BWGC - of so close, yet not so close as to be highly recommended. There's certainly more than enough fun to be had over a few days with this one, but it all feels like it needed that bit more work to make things better. We can ignore the awful storyline and borderline-offensive voice acting, the fact that it looks like a GameCube game and the shortness of the main campaign, but when the controls begin to let you down consistently, things get annoying. And we all know how destructive Wiimotes can be to TVs. You have to decide for yourself if it's worth it...
Playing through Battalion Wars 2 is ultimately an enjoyable experience, even if it is marred by a few fiddly control issues. The sheer variety of playable units combined with a lightweight, paper-rock-scissors-esque strategy component allows for simple fun without the intense learning-curve of a more sophisticated strategy title. Chuck in a decent -albeit flawed- online infrastructure, and you're looking at a game that could potentially provide hours of solid entertainment; just don't expect much in the way of a mental workout.
70 (UK)
BWii is a substantial improvement on the original: better-paced, a bit funnier and with the much-needed addition of online multiplayer. Serious warmongers should stick to games with realistic explosions and greater tactical depth, but if you're in the mood for a varied, good-hearted third-person blaster with a few strategic elements rather than a gritty combat simulator, you'll have a few greatly entertaining evenings with this.
Armchair Empire, The
Nonetheless, BWII is an enjoyable game. The action on various missions is generally fast-paced, and the way it is combined with some strategy elements elevates the game to something byond a mindless gun blasting free for all. Once one gets past the controls and somewhat cold, distant storytelling, what remains makes for a pretty good time.
Essentially, Battalion Wars 2 is a simple and short game. It doesn't offer any real replay value, and the story is far from captivating. There aren't any major flaws that make it unbearable to play, it's just there also isn't really anything outstanding, leaving a rather average game. If you do find yourself enjoying it enough to play more than 30 minutes at a time, the multiplayer in Battalion Wars 2 may make it worthwhile. Otherwise I'd say that this is a game best left to a weekend rental.
Battalion Wars 2 flounders because it lacks both the comic mischief that make cartoons like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner so much fun and the tactical depth to be taken as a serious war game. The no-man's land in between isn't a place where you want to hang around too long.
There is also no offline multiplayer. It is a sad day in the world – Nintendo has a game that cannot be played in a living room with friends. This shuts down some of the appeal of the title because not everyone wants to spend $50 on this mediocre game.