Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Game mode select screen
James Logan right after the crash
James Logan trying to fight off the hungry wolves
Intro (shown after the 1st mission)
Intro: James Logan and Dr. Karen West
Riding a dog sled
A-hunting we will go
Attacked by a wolf pack
In focus mode James can see vital organs of the animals
You've survived another mission
Jonah's hut
A fight with 2 bears
These bears hit hard
Quickly press"C" or fall to your doom
Swinging with the help of a ice-pick
Super hero-ish jumps
Shooting the pesky birds
Making a fire - a save point
Ammo pick up
These jumps are just supernatural to me
Karen and James devising a plan
Supernatural jumps are nothing special for pilot James Logan
A destructible obstacle
Find journal notes to uncover the side story
Using the grappling hook
Weapon select radial menu
Saved by the dog, again
A dead moose
Chased by a huge bear
Escape the avalanche
Choosing a trek to play in shooting gallery mode
Starting one of the Shooting gallery treks
There are animals to kill and bonuses to collect (Survival mode)
Shooting gallery. Not unlike Moorhuhn.
Attacked by a wolf pack (Survival mode)
Take that you big bad wolf (Survival mode)
Hit by a bear (Survival mode). Ouch!