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Title Screen
Main Menu
Choosing Difficulty
Black Ops starts with Mason waking up drugged, strapped to a chair and surrounded by hallucinogenic numbers
The drugged interrogation theme makes for much more visceral cut-scenes than the usual Call of Duty games
Flashback to Cuba, 1961. Meet Woods and Bowman
That's gotta hurt!
No Tutorial, it's right into the action
Cops are no match for grenades
Get to
Out of his way, he's American!
Bullet-time Action
Drugged out Mason
Flash forward. Nearing the target but first the radio guy has to die horribly
Knife Kill
HAH! Right through the door
ADS Kill in Breach Mode
And boom goes the dynamite..
Kicking ass with an RPG
Rappelling like a BOSS
Defending the plane
Fighting with Resnov from World at War in a Russian Gulag
It's just a ruse to kill the guard though..
Don't mess with Sergei
The Big Bad
Agent Hudson. Vietnam 1968
Woods knows how to make an entrance
Deer Hunter
Out of the chair Easter Egg
Incendiary Shotgun Rounds!!
Obligatory Call of Duty Helicopter Crash
Nazi Zombies
Round One
No on screen map. Better memorize this
Just awesome