Carnival Games (Wii)

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Carnival Games Credits

Cat Daddy Games

ProducersHarley Howe, Patrick Wilkinson
DevelopmentPatrick Wilkinson, Jerry Brummell, Jeff Beckham, Ryan Wellman, John Taing, Kevin Steffa, Douglas A. Deardorff
ArtMac Congrove, Dan Kircher, Eli Wolff, Kyle Wilson, Didzis Beitlers, Fan Yang, Andrew McIntosh, Mike Sarff, Jessie Dunagan, Harley Howe
AnimationEli Wolff
SoundKyle Stuart Gravelet-Blondin
MusicKyle Stuart Gravelet-Blondin
Main BarkerCharlie Bennett
AttendantsJock Ellis
Character VoicesEthan Hallett, Kelsey Hallett, Nicole Powell, Rob Swartz
Other VoicesHarley Howe, Kyle Stuart Gravelet-Blondin, Rani Thykkuttathil
Special Thanks toCarrie Wilkinson, Dustin Wilkinson, Andrew Wilkinson, Jaime Wilkinson, Maverick Wilkinson, Savannah Wilkinson, Maxwell Wilkinson, Sheri Headdy, Seafth Howe, Easton Howe, Maren Congrove, Quinn Congrove, Porter Congrove, Fan Yang, Thomas Smurdon III, Suzie Brutke-Smurdon, Tim Hernandez, Megan Zimmerman, Julie Burrell, Shawn Davenport, Laura McGrath, Robert Barry Wellman

Global Star Software, A division of Take-Two Interactive

Vice President of PublishingSteve Lux
Executive ProducerPhil Mikkelson
ProducerBrian M. McGinn
Sr. Product ManagerCarissa Wendkos
Asst. Product ManagerAndrew Brown
Art DirectionPeter Muench, Calo Rios, Mada Design
Video EditingMatthew Baros
Vice President of Quality AssuranceAlexander Plachowski
Quality Assurance DirectorLawrence Durham
Production Development CoordinatorDavid Barksdale
Lead TesterAngel Gonzalez
Senior TesterJason Crowell
Quality Assurance TeamRony Chaaban, Edgar De Loera, Keneth J. K. Depp, Jonathan Gonzalez, Robert Stanley
Standards LeadMichael Greening
Standards SeniorPaul Diaz
Standards TeamCory Max Bernhardt, Larry James Bolden II, Michael Melody-Davidson, Matt Newhouse, George Richard Fletcher-Soluk, Kevin Strohmaier
Special ThanksPenny Armstrong, Sobhan Boes, Cammy Budd, Daniel Einzig, Dan Emerson, Gena Feist, Sandy Hatcher, Ty Katori, Nicole Nicoletti, Tina Painton, Tim Perry, Dorian Rehfield, Kristine Severson, Steve Singer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69476)