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Nintendo Life (Jun 22, 2007)
Yes, the game looks amazing – even today the size of the characters is quite impressive, and they animate pretty well, too. Unfortunately the gameplay is as shallow as a puddle. You have a couple of offensive moves and that’s it. It’s pretty challenging – frustratingly so at times – but also painfully repetitive and things get dull incredibly quickly.
IGN (Jun 28, 2007)
China Warrior's insultingly simple take on the side-scrolling brawler formula just serves to elevate the appeal of other TurboGrafx fighters – see, Vigilante really is passable compared to this trash. Its enormous sprite graphics were mildly impressive two decades ago, and its music actually isn't all that bad. But the gameplay is just far too restrictive, unoriginal and boring. Don't go anywhere near downloading this stinker, as absolutely any other game currently available on the Virtual Console service is more worth your money. Yes, even The Legend of Kage.
10 (UK) (Jun 23, 2007)
Your towering Bruce Lee lookalike minces across the screen, and you prod the buttons to punch or kick approaching enemies out of the way. Monks, wasps, fireballs - the usual everyday obstacles when out for a stroll. Yet the whole thing is so stiff and monotonous that you'll grow bored way before the end of the first level. While such shortcomings were papered over by the OMG factor of the graphics way back when, such basic trickery falls flat in 2007. Download this at your peril.