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70 (UK) (Apr 12, 2009)
Like a lot of the NES games on the Virtual Console, there's nothing here that demands your immediate attention, but as a cute pocket money diversion it's more than acceptable.
IGN (Sep 04, 2008)
Classic gaming completionists out there are no doubt pleased that one more of the original NES launch titles has now arrived in the Wii Shop, but it's hard to imagine that too many more of you are all that excited about this release. It was a fine diversion when it showed up as a freebie to play in Animal Crossing, and it certainly even entertained the few gamers who got on board with the whole e-Reader thing when it showed up again in card form a few years ago. But at 500 Wii Points as a Virtual Console title, and with so many other, better games already available at that same rate, it's safe for you to spin right on past Clu Clu Land. You could even choose to buy Pac-Man instead.
Nintendo Life (Sep 01, 2008)
Clu Clu Land has often been compared to Namco’s Pac-Man and with good reason; it’s a single-screen game and it features the same kind of ‘fill the grid/eat the grid’ gameplay – but Clu Clu Land isn’t quite as elegant as Namco’s effort. The main stumbling block is the interface, which is unquestionably innovative but ultimately too unwieldy to offer truly accurate controls. The game is also mercilessly difficult on later levels, and this saps much of the enjoyment it might have otherwise offered.