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Coraline (Wii)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Coraline Credits

Coraline - Developed by Papaya Studio

PresidentLin Shen
ProducerJonathan Han
Technical DirectorLaurent Horisberger
Programming TeamKarl Lai, Jefferson Hobbs, Jordan Lehmiller, Geren Taylor, Valentinus Boentaran
Art DirectorJanry Burns
Art TeamJames Weir, Chris Card, Eui Yong Kim, Richie Wu, Josh Hak
Animation TeamDavid Ong, Kris Clark
Additional Art SupportAnthony Claudio, Levi Werner
Design TeamChris Eddy, Dan Shocknesse, Khaled Elhout, Steve Bianchi
SoundTom Hite
Additional SupportSiobhan Vanaman
Office ManagerKevin Cheng
Special ThanksHorisberger family, Card family, Handi Djong family, Eddy family, Han family, Shocknesse family, Lai family, Burns family, Elhout family, Tina Huang, Sally Huang, Wan-Ni Wu, Dorelyn Weir, Sara Lehmiller, Colleen Vanaman, Patrick Claudio, Chris Tsuyuki, Sandrine Dieterlen, Daniel Ruch, Janine Ho, Liz Seekins, Crystal Taylor, Yuna Kim, Sheena Wang, Trang Ho, Stephen James Taylor, Anahit Shahdadi, Michael McDermott, Andrew McDermott

Published by D3Publisher of America, Inc.

Senior ProducerTimothy Ramage
Assistant ProducerSteven J. Kasparek Jr.
Localization ManagerAlexander Coward
TranslationMiki Takahashi, Satomi Aihara
Lead TesterJoshua Farrell
Senior TestersDJ Greenfield, Nick Servi
TestersKevin M. Campbell, Robert Dearcos, Chris Edwards, Richard Gamber, Justin Harnage, Jesus E. Ibarra, Brad Lyke, Jose Perez, James Prentice, Michael Simmons, Jacob Vallance
First Party SpecialistDrew Johnson
Customer Service SpecialistTyler Kimmel
Managers of Support ServicesJoe Fletcher, Jeremy S. Barnes
Support Services General Office ManagerMichael Greene
Vice President of Product DevelopmentPeter Andrews
Vice President of MarketingAlison Quirion
Marketing ManagerFernando Bustamante
Associate Marketing ManagerIssei Shimizu
Publicity ManagerTamara Sanderson
Marketing CoordinatorKaori Takasue
Vice President of Licensing / Business DevelopmentBill Anker
Associate Manager of LicensingMayumi Dietrich
Associate Manager of Business DevelopmentJon Virtes
Vice President of Sales & OperationsKim Motika
Director of Sales and OperationsJohn Costeines
Executive Vice PresidentYoji Takenaka
COOYoji Takenaka
PresidentYūji Itō
CEOYūji Itō

D3Publisher of Europe, Ltd.

Managing DirectorAdam Roberts
Senior European Sales ManagerLiam Taylor
Sales ExecutivePeter Silver
PR ManagerSuzanne Sutton
Marketing ManagerSuzanne Sutton
Operations ManagerJen Wilder

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures Digital Platforms GroupBill Kispert, Gary Lokum, Kam Naderi
Additional WritingTom Gastall

Credits (1)

OtherFocus Feature, Laika Entertainment
"Coraline" usesHavok [tm]: [c] Copyright 2008. Havok.com Inc. [or its licensors]. All rights reserved. See www.havok.com for details.
FMOD Sound System[c] Copyright Firelight Technologies Pty. Ltd. 1994-2008.
Casting & VO DirectorEric Weiss
VO EditingMike Patterson
Voice TalentDakota Fanning (as Coraline), Keith David (as the Cat), Robert Bailey Jr. (as Wybie), Kath E. Soucie, Amanda Troop, JB Blanc, Susanne Blakeslee, Dave Foquette, Rafael Romero de Torres, Enrique Lles, Mária Blanco, Carlos Salamanca, Mabel Escano, Ana San Millán, Mercedes Espinosa, Alex Saudinós, Marc A, Pierre‑Alain, Marie N, Bertrand L, Florence D, Veronique D, Claire G, Jeremy P

Coraline music Credits

Score Composed and Produced byMark Watters
Score Recorded and Mixed byTim Bryson
Score Recorded atRobert Irving Studios [Woodland Hills CA], and Watter Music [Chatsworth CA]


ConcertmasterPeter Kent
ViolinPeter Kent, Julie Rogers
ViolaJanet Lakatos
CelloAndrew Shulman
BassDavid Stone
FluteSteve Kujala
ClarinetGary Bovier
HornRichard Todd
HarpGayle Levant
PianoRobert Irving
GuitarsTim Bryson
Orchestra contracted byReggie Wilson

American Federation of Musicians Orchestra

Music CopyistRyan Poulson

Credits (2)

Special ThanksRacehorse Studios, Studiopolis, Blindlight LLC, Julie Ramage, Jennifer Kasparek, Cole Kasparek, Victoria Kasparek

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (12005)