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Wii version

Title screen
Main menu
The game starts with a third person view, like the first Dead Space
But then he moves off and you see it's someone else. Clever.
The barren landscape of Aegis VII.
Busy day for the work crew. Just uncovered something special.
Using the rivet gun to bolt some track in place.
There's the marker.
Telekinesis is used similarly to the original.
Holographic control consoles return as well.
Looks like the marker has activated.
You can pick up glow sticks to light your way.
Occasional, timed moments give you the chance to look around freely.
Text and audio logs are scattered around.
With the marker active, people start losing their minds.
Shooting gallery action.
Kinesis is used to pick up ammo and powerups.
You carry an axe for melee defense.
The marker is speaking to you... and it's got a lot to say.
Is it starting to affect your buddies too?
Meanwhile, at the colony's police HQ...
One of the four main characters.
A team from the Ishimura has arrived.
Some of the Aegis VII colony.
Morgue's empty. What could that mean?
Working the computer to see what's going on.
Oooh, that strategic dismemberment's a bitch, innit?
Things are going from bad to worse.
More shooting action as the crazies come out.
Colony plaza. Situation is looking bad.
Got to hold them off!
Barricading yourself inside the HQ.
And the necromorphs are revealed!
Did you love the asteroid shooting minigame in the first game? No? Too bad.
Getting on the Ishimura any way we can.
Zero-G. Highlight the blue areas and jump to them.
Made it to the Ishimura's flight deck.
Lexine is mysteriously central to the story.
Sometimes you'll have to pick your path.
Welding while being attacked.
Fending off Necromorphs on the Ishimura.
Revisiting the Mess Hall from the first game.
Meeting Nicole - Isaac's lady - in slightly better times.
The Dead Space motion comic is an unlockable bonus.
Challenge mode where you defeat waves of monsters for points.