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60 (UK) (Sep 03, 2008)
Having said that Dig Dug is still a fine little game, if not quite the sort of timeless classic that can still be used to demonstrate how exquisitely simple great game design can be. You run around underground, you pump up monsters and squish them with rocks. It's cute and fun, and deserves to be remembered, but it's not something you'll keep returning to. It's no Bubble Bobble, put it that way.
Nintendo Life (Jun 10, 2008)
Overall, Dig Dug is yet another good Namco arcade game. It is good fun to try and get better highscores, but be warned, because there's not a lot of variety!
IGN (Jun 12, 2008)
And that’s Dig Dug – same as it ever was. Essentially unchanged from the arcade original, still as fun to play as ever. But while the classic appeal of Dig Dug on a nostalgic level can’t be questioned, it’s still a bit unreasonable to see it arrive on the Virtual Console in the way it has. Its inflated pricetag of 600 Wii Points and classification as an Import is laughable, and the fact that it’s already been made available with a more modern and appealing presentation on the Wii through Namco Museum Remix just further supports the argument that you should pass this Wii Shop entry by. If you’re absolutely addicted to Dig Dug, you’ll certainly be able to get your fix with a six dollar investment here. But for the sake of value and for not encouraging Nintendo to slap the Import label on games that don’t deserve it in the future, we’d recommend you give this one a pass and play Dig Dug again through one of the five old forms you’ve previously purchased it in past.