Oswald the Rabbit's Story

Oswald the Rabbit was one of Walt Disney's first cartoon characters, co-created with Ub Iwerks for Universal Pictures in the 1920's. When Disney and Universal went their separate ways, Oswald remained a Universal product while Walt created Mickey Mouse, a slightly altered version of Oswald. Oswald himself would go on to appear in a number of cartoons, and would later return to the Walt Disney fold in February 2006, the Walt Disney Company purchasing a number of rights back from Universal in a deal for sportscaster Al Michael's. The deal left Disney with its original character creation and cartoons, while Universal retained the rights to all cartoons made after Walt Disney's departure.

Epic Mickey unites Walt's two creations, who it's explained are 'brothers' in the game, and Oswald returns to a look and style similar to his original form (removing many of the alterations made by Universal, which turned the character more to the likeness of Mickey Mouse himself).

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