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Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Wii)

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Game Chronicles
I really was not expecting to like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as much as I did. It definitely makes the most of the license and delivers a fun game for the Wii. While the controls might not be a perfect as they could be, just the fact that you can swing your arms like a real pirate gives the Wii version a ton more mileage than the button mashing console versions.
Eine lustige und anfangs interessante Filmumsetzung mit einigen Macken und nicht ausgenutztem Potential. Es wird wenig Abwechslung geboten und ich habe es sogar geschafft meinen Charakter in einen Bug laufen zu lassen, der mich daran hinderte den Raum zu verlassen. Resultat: Ausschalten und Level von vorne beginnen. Für Freunde der Filme und des „Jack Sparrow“-Humors lohnt sich ein Blick eventuell. Vorher sollten aber die Arme mit Wii-Sports oder Rayman: Raving Rabbits ordentlich trainiert worden sein, falls man vor hat länger an einem Stück zu spielen.
UOL Jogos
"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" é daqueles games de ação que se joga numa tacada. A aventura é relativamente curta, mas mesmo assim não consegue escapar da repetição. Existem outros modos de jogo, mas nenhum é particularmente interessante. No geral, o Xbox 360 leva vantagem, pela produção e conquistas, mas ainda oferece muito pouco pelo seu preço. Nesse quesito, o PC e o PSP saem mais em conta, pois custam a metade das edições para consoles de nova geração.
Extreme Gamer
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End does a great job of making you feel like you’re playing through the film. Becoming a pirate in the glory days of swashbuckling high sea adventures might not have the swagger of an original concept like Sid Meier's Pirates, but it’s good enough given the colourful cast of characters and fun loving plotline. The gameplay is shallow, monotonous, and straight forward while remaining fun. I wouldn’t dip into my treasure chest and spend my loot on Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, but I can easily recommend it as a rental.
Atomic Gamer
With some authentic music and almost-decent graphics, this game is good enough to fool your kids into thinking it's a worthwhile Pirates of the Caribbean experience. But for anyone looking for a good action/pirate game that stands on its own, this is definitely one to be avoided. It falls into many of the traps that movie-licensed games do, which if you're like me, you've gotten very sick of - especially after so many disappointments like this one.
Looking back at it all, At World’s End doesn’t really do anything to demand a purchase of any kind – even for fans who loved the film-trilogy finale. It seems as if Disney Interactive tried to push in too many locations, too many characters, and too many plots into one thing – a familiar complaint that some movie critics even had with the recent trilogy finale. This is a movie game that’s average at best, and should only be considered for a rental in dire straits. But when the day’s done, many will realize that this video-game was really intended for the kids, especially when the Wii version’s involved. At least they’re the ones that are less prone to carpel-tunnel these days.
Deaf Gamers
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End feels like it could have been so much more. The storyline could have been more coherent and progressed in a more natural way to allow those who haven't seen the last two films to fully appreciate the story. The control scheme does a decent job but it's difficult to argue it's anything special or whether it's more effective than a traditional gamepad control scheme. Then of course you have the graphics which simply don't look as though they are making the most of the Wii hardware. I'm sure fans of the movies will enjoy what's on offer and even with the aforementioned problems it still manages to be a decent action title. The real disappointment is that it's nothing more than a middling action game when it had the potential to be something really enjoyable.
Computer Bild Spiele
Wer also nicht unbedingt zu den harten Fans der Filme zählt, könnte vom hier Gebotenen ein wenig enttäuscht sein, zu durchschnittlich präsentieren sich die Abenteuer von Captain Jack Sparrow als Spiel für die diversen Geräte. Wer die Kinoreihe aber mag, der wird auch beim Spielen auf seine Kosten kommen. Denn vor allem auf der Xbox 360 kommt inhaltlich eine ordentliche Ladung Johnny Depp rüber. Das erfreut doch immerhin das Piratenherz und ist zumindest "befriedigend".
Die 360-Fassung des Weltenendes war schon keine Softwareperle, die Versionen für Wii, PC und PSP glänzen genauso wenig. Speziell die Wii-Fassung verschreckt jeden Jungpiraten mit einer Steuerung, die gleichsam aufgezwungen wie schlecht umgesetzt wirkt: Die vielen, ausufernd langen Arenakämpfe bergen aufgrund der störrischen Bewegungsabfragen erhebliches Risiko von Hand- und Armverletzungen, die Säbelkontrolle scheint mehr einem Zufallsgenerator als den Aktionen des Spielers zu unterliegen. Am PC sieht’s speziell mit der Tastatur nicht viel besser aus, an der PSP schrecken die teilweise scheußlich designten Figuren ab. Insgesamt auch hier kein völliges Absaufen, aber auch alles andere als ein abendfüllender Spaß.
Pourquoi avoir choisi de transposer sur Wii la version PS2 plutôt que l'épisode PS3 et Xbox 360 ?Malgré toute la sympathie qu'on peut avoir pour le film, le résultat n'est vraiment pas à la hauteur de nos espérances. Cette adaptation manque de punch et repose presque entièrement sur des combats très peu convaincants. Et même si un effort a été fait pour renforcer la mise en scène et la fidélité au long-métrage, l'approche ludique est mal pensée quand elle n'est pas carrément affligeante.
Pirates fails to be interesting or utterly, catastrophically bad, but there's one thing for sure – it's not really worth the asking price. If you find it cheap and you like beards and the high seas, consider it.
When it's all said and done, At World's End is a very by-the-book approach to a movie-based game. It has, and lets you play as, all the characters you'd want to play; it doesn't deviate from the movies' plots too much; and it takes you to many of the locations you see in the films. While those are good things, the game really would have benefited by taking some risks. The biggest problem is that you're playing as a cool character in an exotic location, but you're not doing anything interesting, just running around picking up items and hitting the attack button endlessly. Even if you're a huge fan of the Pirates trilogy, you'll probably want to pass on At World's End, especially the Wii version due to its terrible control scheme.
Nintendo Vision
C'est donc tout cela, ce Pirates des Caraïbes troisième du nom sur la console de salon de Nintendo. Une aventure qui regroupe les scénarii des deux derniers films de façon plutôt sympathique mais qui ne trouve pas la force de faire durer le plaisir. Avec des graphismes médiocres, une durée de vie bien trop limitée et un gameplay bancal qui ne parvient pas à utiliser judicieusement les différentes capacités de la Wiimote, le titre a bien du mal à convaincre, d’autant plus qu’il s’agit là d’un mauvais portage de la version PlayStation 2. Même si le fun est bien présent, la cinquantaine d’euros demandée pour cet opus reste un investissement bien trop lourd. Les fans devraient cependant tenter leur chance s’ils trouvent le jeu à bas prix puisque certains éléments du jeu ne les décevront pas.
Heed our advice now, be yee a Pirates of the Caribbean fan or nay, and steer clear of this scurvy-infested wreck of a game. But take one thing of note away with you from this review though, one thing that you really can hold on to as you pass At World's End by: we'll always play(tm) the crap games so that you don't have to.
'Another Licensed game' comes to mind straight away... and so it should, as it goes down the same road any other licensed game has gone before it (excluding perhaps Batman on the NES and Spiderman 2 on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox). Yup ladies and gentleman, once again I have had the honour of praying the game would come to an end.
If At World's End had standard combat controls, it wouldn't be a great game, but it'd be solidly mediocre. As it is, it's just no fun to play. Even the biggest Pirates fan will quickly grow tired and toss in their "Dead Man's Chest" DVD to watch while they place an ice pack on their shoulder. That way, they can watch Johnny Depp act funny without having to hurt themselves.
Video Game Generation
Not only is this one of the worst games on Wii, but it’s also one of the very worst licensed titles of all time. The Wii version in particular is a disaster, with even its DS cousin outperforming it by a wide margin. When developers look to port future titles to the Wii, they should first play Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End for a good example of how not to do it.