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Game Vortex (May 20, 2008)
Basically, Emergency Mayhem was a bad redo. It might be fun if it was shoved into a dark arcade and you were a little tipsy, but it might also frustrate you to the point of ripping the game apart. I really cannot even see this being fun for the younger generation. It is just too noisy, pointless, and insane. The decent controls provide a bit of entertainment until you accidentally hit a cone and all your momentum is snatched from you. The courses all start to look the same (even within themselves), and the sound effects are grating. Overall, there was nothing recommendable in this game. I wouldn't even rent it unless you planned on being very intoxicated and didn't care what you were doing with your time.
HonestGamers (May 09, 2008)
Emergency Mayhem is a blast to play (especially in spurts) and should keep you busy for 8 to 10 hours (more if you can interest family members and friends). It's no blockbuster, but it's a solid addition to any diverse Wii software library.
69 (Jun 20, 2008)
Mit "Alarm! Brennpunkt City" liefern die Codemasters ein prinzipiell interessantes Spiel ab, das mit einer guten Fahrzeugsteuerung, solider Technik und einigen netten Ideen aufwarten kann. Leider vermiesen die größtenteils langweiligen und sich ständig wiederholenden Minispiele den Spielspaß. Auch der Mehrspielermodus leidet unter dieser Schwäche und eignet sich somit kaum für einen Partyspieleabend. Wer schon immer mal als Feuerwehrmann, Sanitäter oder Polizist für Recht und Ordnung sorgen wollte, darf trotzdem einen Blick riskieren!
Gamers' Temple, The (May 13, 2008)
Emergency Mayhem throws some wacky tasks our way as we race to reduce mayhem but really reducing panic has never felt so repetitive.
While they add much needed variety, their poor designs mostly make you want to die. The single-player experience can be completed in a few hours, and the painful minigames give you good reason to skip the multi-player.
ZTGameDomain (May 20, 2008)
If Emergency Mayhem had been released around the same time as Sega's ill-fated taxi simulator it may have turned a few more heads. While the system of choice was probably the best (360 and PS3 owners would have simply laughed hysterically at this game on their console of choice) the price deters most onlookers. If released at $19.99 the game may have had a chance with the twitch racing crowd; but at $40 the barrier to entry is simply too high for most of the casual audience that the game would likely appease. However if you are a fan of classic arcade driving games like Sega's aforementioned cabbie title then you may want to check Mayhem out. It can definitely entertain even if only for minutes at a time.
Da Gameboyz (May 19, 2008)
The frantic pace of the Emergency Mayhem serves up a level of enjoyment, but the initial shine and excitement wears off pretty quickly. The mini-games and versus mode are some of the highlights of the game; however one’s level of enjoyment begins to wear thin quite quickly into the game. Overall Emergency Mayhem is a perfect rainy day weekend rental for those hardcore gamers, but the casual folk may find more enjoyment in it.
Console Obsession (May 20, 2008)
Emergency Mayhem, whilst not really truly bad in any one aspect, is an utterly unremarkable and soulless game, that is only really worth a play as a rental or once it hits the bargain bins (which can’t be too far away, surely) but otherwise there are better games to waste your life away with.
GamesRadar (Apr 15, 2008)
To be fair, some of the games are decently engaging, but with only 30 on offer and the games cropping up every few seconds or so (literally), they get stale fast. But never fear: you unlock lengthier versions of them for the multiplayer mode. How zany is that?
IGN (May 07, 2008)
Emergency Mayhem is a me-too Crazy Taxi clone with some added Wii waggle minis. If you can live with that -- and the game's lackluster graphical presentation -- you will find a fast-paced, arcde-style driving game here. It controls well and runs at a blazing fast framerate. On top of that, its sense of speed is great and there's plenty of environments to race through. Had it come out alongside Crazy Taxi, or even last generation, it might've found a bigger audience, but it's been eight years and Mayhem brings little new to the table, either mechanically or aesthetically speaking, and there's really no getting around that fact. The game beats you over the head with repetitive tasks, lacks the subtle driving extras of the Crazy Taxi series, includes gimmicky minis and is surrounded by a generic presentation. Were it selling for $19.99, maybe, but for $39.99, there are much better Wii games to spend your money on.
Cheat Code Central (May 12, 2008)
Overall, Emergency Mayhem is fairly disappointing. While I like its charm and the gameplay is satisfactory, the game is just far too repetitive and short. This is really unfortunate because with a wider selection of mini-games and perhaps more varied objectives, I think this game could have been really excellent. If Emergency Mayhem were twenty dollars, I would probably have suggested that you should buy it since it is a fairly fun experience. However, at its hefty forty-dollar price tag, I have to say that this game is probably only worth renting, especially since you can easily complete it in one sitting.
NGamer (May 30, 2008)
Once you're at the scene, play switches to a mini-game, the majority of which are controlled with the remote. For example you'll be making a pumping action to extinguish an over-heated barbecue, or completing a circuit by dragging wires to get a set of traffic lights working again, while one of the police missions has you chasing down some bad guys. To be fair, some of the games are fairly engaging, but with only 30 on offer and the games cropping up every few seconds or so (literally), they get stale fast. But never fear, you unlock lengthier versions of them for the multiplayer mode. How zany is that?
Worth Playing (Jun 10, 2008)
The overall feeling given by Emergency Mayhem is that of a game that tries entirely too hard to mimic the most successful title in this genre, and fails rather badly on all counts. From the poor game design and repetitive minigames to the dispatcher who rapidly becomes so cheerful that you want to gag her with duct tape, Emergency Mayhem fails to deliver on every count that made Crazy Taxi such a brilliant title. Reduce the mayhem in your life, and give this one a pass.
While Emergency Mayhem is ultimately much too repetitive and simplistic for my tastes, I do see children getting some mileage out of it. The title is family friendly and thus might make a perfect tonic for those families trying to avoid the GTA deluge. As a rabid Wii fan, I do get discouraged by the large volume of shovelware ported from the PS2. Emergency Mayhem shares some of that pedigree but does just enough right to break free – albeit slightly. That said, I can’t endorse this title for serious gamers but for the casual crowd or fans of Crazy Taxi’s hectic driving gameplay, this might make a decent pick. That $39.99 retail price is a little too steep for the title though. These budget titles really need to stick to budget pricing.
35 (Jun 19, 2008)
All is not lost however, as, parents, the game is a perfect tool to buy for your kids—to threaten them with if they fail to do their chores.
Game Shark (May 09, 2008)
The game is extremely easy to finish in a single afternoon. Not that you should play it, mind you. There are far better choices out there than Emergency Mayhem.
Gamervision (May 12, 2008)
There’s just nothing here of any real value. Boring, unresponsive, tedious, repetitive mini-games loosely tied together with boring, unresponsive, tedious, repetitive driving sequences. Count me out. For the most part, the game works, but that’s about the highest compliment it deserves.
30 (UK) (May 30, 2008)
There are also not nearly enough of these games, with the same ones repeating three, four even five times in just a few minutes. If they were uninspiring the first time, they become agonisingly dull by the time the clock has counted down, leaving you with a game so loud, so shrill and yet so blandly monotonous that it feels like being trapped in a phone box with ten hyperactive kids off their faces on Sunny Delight, all doing the Crazy Frog thing at the same time.
Overall Emergency Mayhem is a poor title. The driving is sub par, the mini games are boring, or overly complex and unforgiving. Anyone who is remotely interested in the game could do themselves a favour by picking up Crazy Taxi on the Gamecube and playing it on the Wii. Even though Emergency Mayhem has been released at a budget price point, the poor gameplay and questionable controls take any from any possible enjoyment anyone could have had with this game.
GameSpot (May 09, 2008)
Emergency Mayhem is a complete failure. The fact that many games properly use motion controls makes the problems in Emergency Mayhem even more damning. There is no reason to play this minigame collection.
1UP (May 12, 2008)
An unhelpful directional arrow while driving and inconsistent vehicle/character interactions lead the list of notable issues (along with crummy animations and occasionally glitchy sound effects), but such problems aren't at the core of what's wrong with this game. Rather, it's the soul-crushing repetition and menial tasks that conspire to ruin what should be a good-natured romp through the world of public safety. Playing the same boring minigames over and over again in each stage (sometimes five or six times, without deviation), coupled with simple driving tasks and a lack of significant variation between missions make this a joyless grind with little reward. Ubisoft's upcoming Emergency Heroes (also for Wii) might offer a better take on the theme, but regardless, Emergency Mayhem is one call for help you're better off ignoring.
Avid Gamer (May 09, 2008)
For weak games we often recommend that it should rented, but that’s not even possible in Emergency Mayhem’s case. We’ve struggled to write about it as much as we’ve struggled to play through it. It’s not good and fails in nearly every respect. The only positive is that Emergency Mayhem is helping the community.
You’re going to see this in a bargain bin somewhere, someday, and it will be something akin to $19.99 American. Resist the urge to purchase it on a whim or for your nephew, and go spend you money on something worthwhile like nineteen burritos or something. Better yet go buy a used Playstation and Crazy Taxi.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 01, 2008)
But it's not all sour grapes. The simplistic, pseudo-cel-shaded graphics are benign enough while the soundtrack is at least somewhat varied. And given the vehement hatred the developer has for the player, I guess I can count myself lucky that upon opening the package, HIV-infected blood wasn't sprayed directly into an open wound. Maybe. At least that would've given me an excuse not to play this complete failure of a game.