Escape from Bug Island (Wii)

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Escape from Bug Island Credits

Eidos U.S. Publishing

CEOWilliam Gardner
President of Eidos North AmericaWilliam Gardner
EVP of SalesRobert Lindsey
EVP of MarketingRobert Lindsey
VP, Legal & Business AffairsJames O'Riordan
VP of FinanceMalcolm Dunne
VP of Human ResourcesEdie Dykstra
Director of MarketingMatt Gorman
Marketing ManagerSam Tehrani
Director of Public RelationsMichelle Seebach Curran
Public Relations ManagerTali Fischer
Media ManagerMichael Tran
Creative DirectorKarl Stewart
Senior Graphic DesignerJames Song
Junior Graphic DesignerConnie Cheung
Web ProducerRoderick van Gelder
Web DesignerJohn Lerma
Web DeveloperDanny Jiang
National Sales ManagerJoseph Morici
Sales & Marketing AnalystIlana Budanitsky
Sales RepresentativePaul Katich
Channel Marketing CoordinatorsRafal Dudziec, David Bushee
Operations ManagerGregory Wu
Director of NA Developer RelationsNick Goldsworthy
Assistant ProducerKari Hattner
Product Specialist SupervisorJeffrey Lowe
Lead Product SpecialistKatie Bieringer
Product SpecialistStephen Cavoretto
U.S. Mastering & Submissions SupervisorJordan Romaidis
Mastering & Submissions AssistantPatrick Goodspeed
Events ManagerAnnie Meltzer
Senior Business Development ManagerTom Marx
New Media Project AdministratorFrancesca Zulueta
Customer Service SupervisorSean McCloskey
Customer Service RepresentativeRichard Campbell
Voiceover RecordingsMichael Rosen
Director of Voiceover RecordingsKevin Gill
Cover ArtMatthew Laznika
ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
Special ThanksClint Waasted, Manuela Tehrani, Jefferson Dong, David Bamberger, Patrick Laciste, John Hayes, Jordan Romaidis, Tilo Ortega

Voice Actors

Ray, Robert & HarryGavin Hammon
Michelle & LynnAileen Casas
MikeKevin Gill

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (60992)