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Nintendo Front (Nov 30, 2007)
FIFA 08 zeigt dem Spieler spiegelbildähnlich die Stärken und Schwächen der Nintendo Wii auf. So bekommt der Käufer eine schwache Grafik bei wenig Umfang gepaart mit einer innovativen Steuerung und zahlreichen Stunden Spielspaß geboten. Das Handling fällt dabei auch durch den Family Play-Modus sowie den ausführlichen Tutorials überrascht leicht und setzt im Bereich der Fußballsimulation Maßstäbe, die es für Konami im nächsten Jahr einzuholen gilt. Auch hinsichtlich des Onlinespiels gibt es trotz fehlendem 2v2-Modus keinen Anlass zur Kritik, da hier der Umfang im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Modi stimmt. Kritikpunkte sind wiederum die schwachen Kommentatoren, die spaßigen, aber auch kurzweiligen Minispiele, die fehlenden Modi sowie die vermisste individuelle Tracklist. Die Grafik ist hinsichtlich der Leistung der Konsole sicherlich angemessen, Luft nach oben gibt es jedoch allemal.
IGN UK (Sep 26, 2007)
FIFA 08 on Wii is great fun then. It's not the super-realistic football experience the next-gen versions provides but that's not the point of FIFA on Wii. Instead it's much more about quick-paced action and controls that are easy to pick up, and in that respect it succeeds admirably. Yes, there may be some issues with the waggle and the more complex ball techniques but it won't really affect the fun you can have with the game. What's more, the inclusion of the Footii Party mini-games are a nice way to make the title more Wii-friendly and we’re sure you’ll be cracking out the Table Football party game when you’ve got pals round, even if they don’t like football.
Computer Bild Spiele (Nov 07, 2007)
30 Ligen, Nationalmannschaften und vier Modi entsprechen weitestgehend der PC-Version. Auf den Managermodus müssen Spieler an Nintendos Bewegungs-Konsole leider verzichten. Grafisch überzeugt die Wii-Version nicht, die Figuren bewegen sich eckiger und sehen nicht sonderlich realistisch aus. Auch die Umsetzung der Befehle kommt mit einger Verzögerung. Trotz der eingeräumten Schwächen bleibt viel Spielenswertes und das ist „gut“.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 04, 2008)
The on-field play is actually pretty good, forgiving, of course, the standard stumbling points for sports games, like repetitive commentary. The number of options aren't nearly as deep as with the other console versions of FIFA Soccer 08 but as the opening paragraph might indicate, I'm not lamenting the omission. Not knowing a whole lot about international football, being able to just pick-up the controls and play without trying to acclimatize to the nuances of a more dedicated simulation sports game is just more fun to me.
FIFA 08 for the Wii is both pleasing and disappointing in equal measure. I think the control scheme that's been used is quite fun but I would have liked a traditional control scheme (offering support for the classic controller) offered. The online mode works well and the Table Football game is enjoyable. However, the lack of a Manager mode really puts a dent in the game's longevity. What it boils down to is that FIFA 08 for the Wii is quite enjoyable but isn't anywhere near as satisfying as the PlayStation 3, 360, PC or PlayStation 2 versions of the game. That said, it's unique and isn't simply a port of one of those other versions, which is certainly good to see.
70 (Oct 31, 2007)
Trotzdem bleibt Fifa 08 mit seinen vielen Ligen und Turnieren auch hier enorm umfangreich, doch mit den genannten Mängeln landet die Wii-Umsetzung insgesamt nur im oberen Mittelfeld. Hoffentlich zeigt PES 2008 im Februar, wie es besser gemacht wird…
IGN (Nov 01, 2007)
FIFA 08 on Wii is definitely a solid start for the series. There are areas where it could improve, but that can be said for pretty much every inaugural sports effort on the system. It delivers solid controls that are functional for the majority of the time, and a set of mini-games that is a solid distracter. The online play could be better, but the fact that it’s in the game at all is a bonus for Wii owners. It’s clear that the Wii can deliver solid soccer (football) action, now EA Sports just needs to differentiate Nintendo’s version a bit more from the rest of the pack.
GameSpy (Oct 19, 2007)
The Family Play option is probably too dumbed down for significant others to play, and playing with Remote and nunchuk is probably just as intimidating for casuals as picking up a DualShock 2. We have to commend the team for implementing some excellent online multiplayer features, however, and an outrageously fun virtual foosball table that caused great exhaustion in our wrists. Overall though, FIFA 08 feels like a game that tries to please several people, and instead, pleases a very small minority.
UOL Jogos (Oct 23, 2007)
No Wii, "FIFA 08" desaponta onde se esperava mais, ou seja, nos controles, que transformam o que era para ser diversão em momentos de aborrecimento, mas, contudo, surpreende onde, normalmente, não se esperaria muito - especialmente no modo online. Faltam atrativos à versão, "capada" de muitos recursos vistos em outros sistemas, e o recurso exclusivo que rouba atenção é a disputa de pebolim com Ronaldinho ou adversários de carne e osso. Mesmo esforçado e criativo, "FIFA 08" ainda não é o jogo pelo qual esperavam os proprietários do console. Se você é fã da série, invista pelo modo online, senão, melhor esperar novas opções.
Nintendojo (2007)
FIFA 08 on Wii is a resounding miss. With the controls lacking, multi-platform gamers have little reason to purchase this version, and Wii-only owners will have to wait for something better.
55 (Sep 27, 2007)
On ne voit pas trop à qui conseiller ce FIFA. Pas aux débutants, qui s'amuseront davantage avec un Mario Smash Football. Pas non plus aux joueurs plus aguerris qui se tourneront vers d'autres plates-formes. Du coup, on doute de l'intérêt de cette version, tout juste moyenne et qui aura toutes les peines du Monde à trouver sa place sur le marché.