Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Character art: Queen Elincia
Character art: Heather
Character art: Zihark
Character conversations from the Gamecube Fire Emblem carry over.
A battle on a sparse field
A general faces down a soldier.
Zihark on the attack
An archer takes aim at a wyvern rider.
The enemy general prepares to kill his hostages.
Poor Leonardo!
When a character's health runs out... that's it.
Micaiah prepares to use her light magic.
Micaiah's thani does the job.
Enemy and Other units
Battle in a castle
A Pegasus night, Queen Elincia, hunts down a mage.
In your base
Forging a weapon.
Support window
Character tree
The Laguz don't like the Begnion Empire much.
Moving units.
Support conversations on the field.
Daunt limits enemy criticals.
The story develops, here two generals discuss some leadership issues.
Nephenee does some sort of attack, no doubt awesome.
A hawk tribe soldier in action
Even when not in bird form this hawk still has kick.
Level up, Haar di Harr Harr >_>;;
A Imperial senator poised to meet out punishment.
Map of Tellius
Castle Crimea
A class up begins by looking towards heaven.
This Dragon master gains stats as he becomes a Dragonlord.
Archers fight on a bridge.
Ability screen
Battle on the bridge between Deain and Crimea.