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Ford Racing Off Road (Wii)

Ford Racing Off Road Wii Title Screen


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Finalement, le constat qui se dégage d'Off Road n'est pas très surprenant. Oui, les voitures Ford et Land Rover sont belles. On a presque envie de les acheter, de ce point de vue le contrat est rempli. Du point de vue ludique en revanche, c'est beaucoup plus mitigé : on n'a pas vraiment envie d'acquérir ce titre, ni de vous conseiller d'en faire autant.
At the end of the day it's a pretty average racing game here, it has a lot in common with Excitetruck, but is a pale imitation of it really. The games official license adds nothing to the gameplay, and the games graphics and presentation are markedly inferior to Nintendo offering, especially the grating guitar music. It has the advantage of being a budget title though, and if you shop around you can find it with an unofficial Wii wheel for under twenty notes. You could probably pick up Excitetruck second hand and a Wii wheel for not much more though, and I would say it is worth spending the little bit extra for the superior product if you don't already have it.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
There's a half-baked attempt to offer a range of game options - tournament, arcade and career modes, checkpoint and slalom challenges and so on. But none of them are enjoyable; they merely represent different kinds of tedious, with great dollops of frustration mixed in. There is also a split-screen multiplayer mode where you can only see half of your car at any given moment.
With such a simple name, you'd think that Off Road would do exactly what it says on the tin, but shelve those desires to careen carefree off the track and out into a wonderful open-world racer because, sadly, it isn't quite so.
Off Road doesn't redefine bad games or make the genre worse - all it does is make you hate the whole concept of the shovelware title. Why are games like this made and, more importantly, why do people keep buying them? You might manage to have five minutes of fun with Off Road, but after failing a race repeatedly you'll soon want a refund for your £25. Why this game has been made so difficult is beyond me, as even just some small tweaks to the AI that doesn't do anything but win would have made the overall score just a bit higher. What is inexcusable though is the lack of any polish, from the rushed menus to the horrific presentation; this is a game that needs to be left in the bargain bin. Don't support the shovelware cause - dig up some extra cash and buy Mario Kart instead.