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Nintendo Life (Nov 18, 2008)
The aforementioned control issues are the only thing which really let this game down. It would really be preferable to play the arcade port on Capcom Classics Collection on the PS2, XBOX1 or PSP in all honesty because at least you have an analog control to enable you to simulate the 360 degree shooting. That being said we can still recommend Forgotten Worlds on the Megadrive as a Virtual Console download on its own merits.
IGN (Nov 18, 2008)
Forgotten Worlds falls into place far from the level of excellence seen in the Wii Shop's best shooter options, as it's mostly forgettable and its compromised control in this remapped Genesis edition (then remapped again for the Virtual Console) isn't as fluid and inviting as the coin-op cabinet's original rendition. But its two-player co-op mode, its likably goofy flying shirtless heroes and the fact that you can attack in any direction might just add up to a justified purchase for some shooter fans looking for something a little different on the VC. If it sounds like something you'd be at all interesting in, don't feel bad putting down eight bucks to give it a shot. If you want to play things safer with your digital cash, look to some of the more memorable series in the Wii Shop, like Gradius or R-Type.
40 (UK) (Jan 18, 2009)
A great shoot-'em-up is conducted like a concerto, full of dramatic pauses and impossible crescendos. There's a flair and artistry to the classics that is sorely lacking here. You hover stiffly from left to right, with the rigid Megadrive controls offering little fluidity or grace, while uninspired waves of enemies drift in from the other side. Upgrading your orbiting satellite by cashing in collected "zenny" currency is about as interesting as it gets, and even that's hardly an idea unique to this game.