Ghost Mania Credits (Wii)

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Ghost Mania Credits

Legendo Entertainment

Executive ProducersBjörn Larsson, Henrik Blomgren, Michał Tatka
Produced and Directed byBjörn Larsson
ProgrammersThomasz Zieliński, Artur Mikołajczyk
Story & DialogueBjörn Larsson, Martin Korda
Art DirectorAndré Holzmeister
Game ArtistsAndré Holzmeister, Björn Larsson
AnimatorsJanusz Baścik, Andrew Brinkworth, Brian Eyre
MusicMagnus Ringblom
Sound EffectsOlof Gustafsson, Björn Larsson, Magnus Ringblom
PR & Community LiaisonDan Muir
TestersMałgorzata Nowak, Ian Russell, Monica Larsson

Quality Assurance - S.C. Quantic Lab S.R.L.

CEOȘtefan Șeicărescu
Project ManagerMarius Popa
Lead TesterSevastian Secasiu
TestersNorbert Kilin, Attila Balázs, Vasile Pop, Roland Kiss

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