The House of the Dead: Overkill Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

The grindhouse theater aspect is really played up.
Saucy intro credits.
Title screen.
Main menu. "Director's cut" mode is still locked.
Target shooting minigames.
Levels are introduced like cheesy B-movies.
Unlock art and music as you progress.
Zombie clowns!
Shooting through a fairground.
They take a burning and keep on... churn.. ing.
Upgrade your guns between levels.
Collect your point blank prescription!
Rescue civilians for extra points.
Toggling extra mutants acts as an increased difficulty level.
Shoot accurately to build up combo multipliers.
Shake the Wiimote to dislodge grabbing mutants.
Spooky swamps.
Bosses' weak points are highlighted.
Points tallied at the end of the level, and extra money given for certain achievements.
Party at the county jail.
Papa Ceasar seems to be behind everything.
Shoot the gold brains for extra points.
You're on the express train... to DEAD.