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Play.tm (Oct 21, 2010)
Just Dance 2 extends the original's well pitched functionality and style to create another compelling dance experience. Provided they use the store to offer affordable songs and don't ring fence the best material to further disc releases, Just Dance 2 could well be one of the best selling games of the year. And for good reason.
GameFocus (Nov 12, 2010)
Overall, despite the sometimes finicky Wiimote controls, Just Dance! is a fantastic dance game for the Wii and one I certainly recommend for all you dance freaks out there or anyone looking for a good work-out game. It is great for playing solo, with friends and a good way to work out without feeling like your exercising. Don’t get me wrong though, you can and do generate a fair amount of sweat after a couple songs. The choreography for the dances isn’t overly complicated on the whole, though there were times where I couldn’t quite catch the moves on specific songs. That’s more a matter of practice than the fault of the game. I’m well pleased with the experience Just Dance 2 provided and I’ll be shaking my badonkadonk to this title for a some time to come.
Wiiloveit (Feb 11, 2012)
I know many in the gaming community criticized Ubisoft for even developing a continuation to a game that met with such mixed reception, with one of the popular claims being that there was very little effort put forth. However, anyone who made such a statement couldn't be more wrong. Just Dance 2 is a ton of fun and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should feel embarrassed about having this game in their library of Wii titles. With a strong sense of diversity and an emphasis on making dancing easy to learn but difficult to master, Ubisoft has put out a quality product that holds up very well. If you haven't "joined the movement", I urge you to give this game a rental at the very least. Harnessing the addiction factor and the social drive seen in other rhythm games from this era, Just Dance 2 has certainly proved naysayers wrong, serving as a solid buy for any Wii owner.
Female tweens should especially enjoy Just Dance 2 for its great music, accessible controls, and emphasis on social play. The music spans a wider range of genres this time around, and there's the option to download even more songs, if desired. A new Party Mode plays one song after the next, so there's no need to press anything.You can also go into the Settings and turn on the "Sweat Meter," which counts the calories you're burning (similar to a Dance Dance Revolution feature, but here there's no mat to step on). While some might argue Just Dance 2 isn't really a game -- it's a dancing simulation -- it's a fun night in for kids who love music and dancing.
Jeuxpo.com (2010)
A l'instar de son ainé, Just Dance 2 est un titre qui cible un large public. Plus précis dans son gameplay que le premier opus, mais également plus complet, ce cru 2010 nous livre une copie on ne peut plus soigné, et se montre idéal pour divertir durant les soirées entre amis ou en famille.
Having not had an opportunity to play through the first game, I didn’t know what to expect from Just Dance 2. I’m not a dancer, and I generally don’t enjoy games that require me to flail wildly with the Wii Remote. Just Dance 2, however, is just plain fun. The controls aren’t exacting enough to elevate the experience to Elite Beat Agents status, but in a group setting, Just Dance 2 has a good vibe that’s contagious. Break this package out at your next party or family get-together, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.
IGN (Oct 19, 2010)
It all comes down, really, to whether you actually like to dance. If you don't, Just Dance 2 will hardly change your mind. Oddly enough though, liking games and liking to dance aren't mutually exclusive, and if – herein lies the rub – you hang out with people who like to dance and aren't particularly bothered about games, Just Dance 2 will change their minds. Excellently choreographed, amusingly varied and much better-presented than the original, Just Dance 2 is refreshingly uncomplicated fun. If you'd rather shoot aliens, that's fine, but games are an ever-more inclusive medium, and there's no need to be a misery and ruin it for everyone else.
Nintendo Life (Oct 27, 2010)
With the right crowd and an open mind, Just Dance 2 easily sheds its unjust shovelware label with exuberant neon jazz hands and an unwavering smile. It's still a bit fishy on the score tracking side, but Just Dance 2 is not a game about numbers. In fact, if that's your main focus, then you're probably approaching it from the wrong angle. Instead, gather round a group of friends, pound a pitcher of fruit punch and just shake that booty. It'll be okay.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 21, 2010)
Just Dance 2 is impossible to play with a furious frown of concentration on your face, and just as impossible to play without a wide grin. It doesn't reduce music and dancing to precision beatmatching or button-pressing: it's about surrendering to the free-spirited, glorious silliness of it. As Junior Senior sing: everybody, move your feet and feel united! Well, your right arms, anyway.
Eurogamer.es (Nov 09, 2010)
En definitiva, si Just Dance ya era el rey indiscutible de los juegos sociales del momento esta segunda parte es mucho mejor en absolutamente todo. No sabemos cuánto tiempo va a durar el fenómeno, pero si a día de hoy quieres montar un fiesta y sacar un videojuego que haga peligrar los cimientos de tu casa Just Dance 2 es la mejor opción.
Video Game Talk (Oct 26, 2010)
At the 2010 New York Comic Con, the most consistently large and engaged crowds were those around Ubisoft's volunteer-driven demo for their upcoming Michael Jackson game, which is essentially a Jackson-specific version of Just Dance 2. It just went to show that if people like the music, they'll enjoy dancing to it, and people will enjoy watching that. There's enough variety and quality in the lineup here to please anyone likely to dance for fun at home, though you'd either have to have some very good friends with no shame/low alcohol tolerances, or be friends with very specific demographics for this to be a party game. It's far more effective as a fun aerobic workout or a way to get your groove on if you wouldn't step foot "in da club."
Cubed3 (Nov 16, 2010)
A solid, fun experience that has taken the fairly basic setup of Just Dance and added a new layer of depth, greater variety and a bigger reason to play with friends through mini-games and the amusing duet mode. Just Dance 2 could do with more move-driven practice features and visual customisation, however, yet is certainly worth considering for those festive parties and if you love to get up and 'Just Dance.'
Multiplayer.it (Nov 03, 2010)
Non è una bestemmia: Just Dance 2 è uno dei migliori party game casual disponibili su Nintendo Wii. Ubisoft è riuscita infatti nell'impresa di dar vita a un prodotto dalle meccaniche istantaneamente comprensibili, e allo stesso tempo incredibilmente divertenti soprattutto inserite nel contesto multigiocatore. Proprio come quel Wii Sports che costituì la pietra angolare del successo della console Nintendo, allo stesso modo anche Just Dance 2 risulta vincente nel riuscire a proporre una formula fruibile in maniera immediata anche da chi non ha mai videogiocato in vita sua, risultando allo stesso tempo clamorosamente divertente anche per i veterani del "mestiere". A patto di accettare di togliersi un po' di puzza sotto il naso, ovvio.
3D Juegos (Oct 26, 2010)
Just Dance 2 es una nueva entrega bastante mejorada respecto al primer juego. Presenta unas coreografías más divertidas y mejor recreadas, un mayor número de modos de juego y un reconocimiento más acertado del wiimote. Sin embargo, sigue siendo un producto algo limitado, de escasa profundidad y enfocado a un público que busca divertirse sin tener en cuenta alardes técnicos. Un título pensado y orientado directamente a los aficionados más fiesteros con ganas de bailar y divertirse.
XGN (Nov 27, 2010)
Just Dance 2 biedt de hardcore gamers geen uitdaging, maar dit is nou net de groep waar het spel niet voor bedoeld is. De game laat je swingen en zorgt weer voor heel wat dansvermaak op de Wii.
Game Shark (Nov 04, 2010)
My wife and I were at a wedding this past March and despite her never once hitting the dance floor in the 19 years I've known her, she was out there cutting a rug with everyone. When I asked her what finally changed her mind she said that she realized that everyone looked dumb but they also looked like they were all having a really good time. That is, in a nutshell, the Just Dance 2 experience. Does it accurately register your dancing? Heck no. Does it provide the impetus to cut loose and just, well, dance? Absolutely—and your party will be the better for it.
Perfect post-turkey fun. If this doesn't get the party started, the party is next door.
Nintendo-Online.de (Feb 06, 2011)
„Just Dance 2“ erweist sich als wahres Wundermittel gegen sonstige Tanzmuffel. Auch die sonst so unmotivierteste Couch-Potatoes wird sich im Anblick von „Just Dance 2“ die Wiimote schnappen und den Bären steppen lassen und dies vor allem dann, wenn man das Ganze in Gesellschaft von Freunden erlebt. Wer zunächst Angst hat, sich vor Publikum auf die Tanzfläche zu werfen, kann die Prozedur auch erst einmal alleine probieren, um seine Tanzfähigkeiten zu trainieren und wird nahezu genau so viel Spaß am Spiel erfahren. Wer also die ideale Methode sucht, um der nächsten Party Leben einzuhauchen oder einfach seine eigene Fertigkeiten trainieren will, darf uneingeschränkt zugreifen.
The Telegraph (Nov 02, 2010)
In short, Just Dance 2 is a more polished and slightly expanded version of its predecessor. It's also a party game in the truest sense of the term; it offers very little to solo players, but get your chums round for a session and you'll discover just how much fun it can be.
videogamer.com (Oct 21, 2010)
In the face of technologically-superior Dance Central, perhaps, Just Dance 2 might look at little limited - but it certainly helps that you'll be having fun without spending over a hundred quid on the camera. To conclude, then: A copy of budget-priced Just Dance 2 will ultimately make you a happy-looking tit with enough change in your back pocket to make a cool jingly noise when you're doing some booty shaking.
GameSpot (Oct 26, 2010)
Considering the lack of a career mode, rewards, or a modicum of challenge in single-player, it would be easy to dismiss Just Dance 2 as a shallow cash-in sequel that has learnt little from the mistakes of its predecessor. However, that would be entirely missing the point. Get a group of friends together and it dishes out heaps of fun, with an excellent soundtrack and hilarious choreography that anyone can dance to and ultimately make a fool out of himself to. Though the motion controls can still be a little hit or miss in certain modes, the numerous improvements from the first game make Just Dance 2 a much more complete product, and the improved visuals, download store, and minigames add a lot more value. Drop your inhibitions and any preconceptions you might have about casual games, because Just Dance 2 is a load of silly fun that you definitely shouldn't miss out on.
Eurogamer.it (Nov 03, 2010)
Just Dance 2, quindi, è un gioco molto particolare, perfetto per passare qualche ora spensierata con gli amici, troppo limitato se si è alla ricerca di un'esperienza da affrontare in solitudine. Se avete intenzione di organizzare molte feste, da qui ai prossimi mesi, non possiamo fare a meno di consigliarvelo, visto anche il prezzo ridotto a cui viene venduto. Diversamente, dedicatevi a qualcosa di più adatto alle vostre esigenze.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 22, 2011)
The game is nothing more than it pretends to be. It’s about dancing and the music selection is great. There are no unlockables but of course you can purchase new songs if you tire of the included ones, or just wait for Just Dance 3 which I understand is coming out later this year. Now, get off the couch and just dance!
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 15, 2010)
Le premier épisode de Just Dance ne nous avait pas vraiment emballés mais cette suite s'avère plus sympathique. Elle propose en effet un système de reconnaissance de mouvements plus efficace et une playlist plus fournie que son aîné. Ce Just Dance 2 s'impose donc comme le jeu de rythme idéal pour animer vos soirées entre amis.
Gamekult (Oct 14, 2010)
Enfin, Just Dance 2 ne lésine pas sur les modes de jeu, avec l'option "régime" qui va bien, et cinq modes différents, type Duo, Medley, Course (avec cumul de points), ou le très fendard "Jacques a dit" et ses mouvements imposés. Reste encore et toujours le problème de la reconnaissance des mouvements, convaincante sur les grands gestes, hasardeuse sur un peu tout le reste. Comme le jeu n'enregistre que le positionnement de la Wiimote et pas vraiment les "pas" à proprement parler, on peut encore marquer des points en faisant n'importe quoi. Cela n'empêchera sans doute pas le jeu de cartonner, mais il fallait que ce soit dit.
Metro.co.uk (Oct 15, 2010)
As a game it still clearly doesn't work in anything like the way it's supposed to, but as a party game novelty it currently has few equals.