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Ōkami (Wii)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Ōkami Credits

Ready At Dawn Studios (Team Deux)

Executive ProducerDidier Malenfant
ProgrammingBrian Hawkins, Ivanna Kartarahardja, Kim Staples, Frantz Joseph, Duc Hoang
ArtMaxx Marshall, Hisae Jo Watanabe
Special ThanksChristian Svensson, Ru Weerosuriya, Philip Nowell, Marc Turndorf, Steve Fradley, Stacey Ytuarte

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

Senior ProducerDaryl Allison
Product DevelopmentScot Bayless, Adam Boyes, Takashi Kubozono, Tim Innes, Rey Jimenez, Kraig Kujawa, Gary Lake-Schaal, Dave Witcher
MarketingNique Fajors
Product MarketingEmily Anadu, Colin Ferris
Public RelationsChris Kramer, Timothy Ng, Jason Allen
Customer ServiceDarin Johnston, Randy Reyes
CommunitySeth Killian, Chris Tou
Creative ServicesFrancis Mao, Christine Converse, Kevin Converse, Jacqueline Truong, Stacie Yamaki, Lindsay Young
LegalEstela Lemus
LicensingGermaine Gioia, Junta Saito, Josh Austin, Amelia Denegre
Quality AssuranceTakashi Kubozono, VMC Game Labs

VMC Game Labs

Project ManagerLinda Lemieux
Test ManagerAlvi Islamaj
Test LeadsScott Ferguson, Ryan Cloutier
QA TestersJonathan Allard, Alvaro David Chavez-Moreno, Jonathan Dorozowsky, Keith Earley, Tim Gottschalk, Sebastien Le Prestre, Jonathan Villanueva, Steve Vuong, Jonathan Yeung, Yu Chen Zheng
Compliance TestersPeter Lavoie Massicotte, Dario Momesso

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (130146)