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    The legend of Kid Icarus is retold in this 3D-enhanced version of the classic.

    Relive Pit’s first adventure in the 3D Classics: Kid Icarus game as you venture from the depths of the underworld up to the heights of the sky palace. The evil goddess Medusa has stolen the Three Sacred Treasures and imprisoned the goddess of light, Palutena, in an evil plot to control all. Play in 2D or 3D as Pit, a young angel who has been entrusted with a magical bow and arrow. Fight against hordes of enemies that swoop from above and below. Secure the Three Sacred Treasures from their evil guardians, equip them and face Medusa in the final battle. Are you the stuff of legend? Restore peace to Angel Land and prove your worth.

    Contributed by Harmony♥ (9070) on Jul 17, 2016. – Wii Virtual Console:

    Relive the legend of Kid Icarus!

    Extra Game Features:
    • Originally released in 1987
    • Download this Virtual Console title for only 500 Wii Points
    • Use the Classic Controller, Wii Remote or GCN Controller to play this game
    In a time when men and gods lived in harmony, the kingdom of Angel Land was ruled by two goddesses --Palutena, the Goddess of Light, and Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. Unlike Palutena, Medusa despised all humans and enjoyed destroying their crops and turning them into stone. One day, Palutena decided to punish the evil Medusa, and banished her after turning her into a hideous monster. But Medusa would not go without a fight. She created an army of monsters and evil spirits and captured Palutena. Play as Pit, a young angel trapped in the Underworld, and Palutena's only hope. Use your magical bow to retrieve the Sacred Treasures, defeat Medusa, and restore peace to Angel Land.

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5060) on Mar 27, 2007.

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987):


    Vengeful Medusa and Underworld monsters have launched a surprise attack on the beautiful Palutena, the goddess of light. With the three sacred treasures stolen and Palutena imprisoned in the sky palace, the peace and beauty of Angel Land has come to an end. Is there hope?

    GAME PLAY: As Pit, a courageous young angel, you arm yourself with bow and arrow, and set out to battle your way through four challenging levels--Underworld, Overworld, Skyworld and Palace fortress to reclaim the three sacred treasures and save Palutena! You can fly high and low. Attack enemy hordes with sacred weapons. Defend yourself with the sacred shield. Collect up to 999 hearts to buy angel's wings, a mallet--over 24 items help you get out of tight spots. Four kinds of arrows, the sacred bow, and protective crystals are essential to success. Friendly gods may help you. You'll need it for the ultimate confrontation--Medusa!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4621) on Mar 14, 2004.