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Title Screen
Klonoa finds a huge ring buried in the forest
Klonoa and Huepoe look up towards Bell Hill
Pickup enemies by shooting at them with a wind bullet
Double jump by throwing inflated enemies at the ground
Balue the mason stops the pair as they travel
Climbing up the windmill
The world map
Exploring the mine
Throw an enemy towards the screen to hit this egg
Riding the minecart rollercoaster
The purple enemies up ahead dash when they see Klonoa
Throw an enemy at this slab to make it topple over
Joker and Ghadius have captured Lephise
The monster Rongo Lango is only vulnerable from behind
Forlock Forest has withered away
Klonoa is given a key to the door
Two eggs float in the centre of this path
Enemies off in the distance hurl spikes towards Klonoa
There is NOTHING wrong with the
The water pouring out of the jug acts as a waterslide
Whoa! The waterfall is flowing in reverse!
The yellow Moos with shields can only be grabbed from behind
Exploring in the cave behind the waterfall
You'll need to double jump to make it across this gap
The Mirror Spirit floats by when you collect it and doubles your gem values
Pop this bubble to rescue a trapped Phantomilian
Hit this switch to free the trapped fish
Grab the brainwashed king and throw him at the brainwashed fish
Forlock Forest returns to life
These springs help you jump higher
The gondolas are out of order...
Joker gets his cohorts to hide away all the keys
A secret hides above the door
Ride the gondola to find the first key